This forest has been created by all the customers of VerdeKin products. THANK YOU so much for your contribution to this amazing cause.

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“It's so wonderful to see this forest keep on growing. With enormous thanks to all my lovely customers and of course to Tree Sisters themselves. What a lot of wonderful humans!”


polly BARSBY
Jul 15, 2021

“I'm very happy to make our second donation from products sold between 1st March and 26th April 2021. Thank you to all our lovely customers. Plant powered love Polly. xx”


Polly Barsby
Apr 26, 2021

“I'm so excited to make our first donation to Tree Sisters to start our official VerdeKin forest. This initial donation has been raised between November '20 and February '21. we donate one tree for every product sold and cannot wait to make our next donation. Thank you Tree sisters for all that you do and thank you to our customers for continuing to support us.”


Polly Barsby
Mar 8, 2021

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