Willow Spirit Studio Fundraiser

Willow Spirit Studio Fundraiser

Let's plant a future of greater giving and connection ~

Planetary healing is a huge part of our calling, and we are filled with gratitude to do our part by donating 3% of all proceeds monthly in your honor to Tree Sisters. We host our fundraiser with this global circle that cares for our Earth Mother and has the capacity to rally together to create spirited change, inspiring others by example, with joy and hope ~ something we really need right now as we face climate change.

We encourage You (our customers, followers, and friends) to join us. Any amount will help make a difference. Your gift will fund the planting of trees, helping to restore the world's forest.

About Us ~

We create natural stone jewelry and mindful earth treasures - all with intent to deepen your life’s journey by inspiring connection, spreading kindness and love. Our work is a prayer, a song, a sound that teaches us patience and peacefulness. Every piece is ethically made in Colorado, and we support local craftsmen, fellow artisans and ethical factories ~ where being socially conscious is an every day opportunity to protect and restore our wild and beautiful Earth Mother.

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Honour Roll

“May proceeds....”


Deanna Crownover
May 29, 2020
Colorado, United States

“April's proceeds....”


Deanna Crownover
Apr 28, 2020
Colorado, United States

“March''s proceeds from Willow Spirit Studio”


Deanna Crownover
Mar 28, 2020
Colorado, United States

“donation from February's proceeds...”


Deanna Crownover
Feb 29, 2020
Colorado, United States


Deanna Crownover
Jan 31, 2020
Colorado, United States

“In honor of my dear friend, Deanna, and her husband Kent.”


Jill Trudeau
Jan 16, 2020
New York, United States


Jan 1, 2020
Colorado, United States


Dec 20, 2019
Colorado, United States


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Willow Spirit Studio
Colorado, United States


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