Send a card and give the gift of trees!

Send a card and plant trees with every donation!

Share the word about TreeSisters mission with others by sending an ecard. You can also support our mission and plant trees by making a donation so that your cards are also planting trees. Our suggested minimum donation is 5 GBP. This plants 11 trees. However you can choose your own amount and plant as many trees as you like!

  1. Select your Ecard from the below designs and add it to the basket.
  2. Complete the details, including your chosen gift amount and your own message. 
  3. Click Add to basket.
  4. If you are looking to share more than one simply select your next card and follow the instructions above.
  5. When you are ready checkout and your Ecard will be mailed straight away!
All tree counts on our website are calculated in GBP. All donations in other currencies are converted to GBP on our website so that when you are calculating how many trees you want to send please do so in GBP as seen on the calculator on our Give page. You may send a card for free by selecting 0, however this will not plant any trees. These are electronic cards. All poems are by Clare Dubois and should be copyrighted to TreeSisters if they are shared anywhere else. 

Please note: cards send from the donors name. If you share a payment method it will show up in the account name of the payment method on file. Please be sure to add your name in the message area if it is different. For inquires on our eTree cards please write to Thank you