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Your donation will help us protect and restore our environment, working in harmony with trees and their communities for the planet to survive and thrive.


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By donating to TreeSisters, you can be part of a global community of people coming together and giving back. Your gift will fund planting trees and replenishing and restoring the world's forests, one of the most powerful and life-creating solutions to climate change. You will also be helping to fund projects which support local communities and improve livelihoods, protect critically endangered species, and focus on gender parity and the participation of women to create a more balanced and caring world of the future. 

I want to be part of the solution. It's about the whole planet...This is about each and every one of us and the future generations who will benefit from the trees we're planting.

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When it comes to the many challenges the world face, we know there are no quick fixes. TreeSisters understands that the right solution will take time. To ensure that we continue to be here to protect, restore and reforest for the planet, people, and our future, TreeSisters needs your support. We want to invite you to become a monthly giver. Monthly gifts have an enormous impact as they provide us with predictable income, which allows us to commit to projects, making us a stable and sustainable charity. We can create more meaningful change and transformation by coming together with a global community of other monthly givers. Together we can seed the future we want to make for future generations. 

Give by cheque or bank transfer

The easiest way to give to TreeSisters is to donate through our website. If you do wish to give by cheque, then please make this payable to 'Tree Sisters’ and post it to the following address: TreeSisters, PO Box 128, Bristol, BS11 1AZ.

If you want to donate by bank transfer, please contact us for the details. 

Should you choose to give by one of these methods, please notify us of your donation and any relevant details so we can track and confirm your gift receipt. 

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For our donors in the US

If you are based in the US and require a tax receipt, you can donate TreeSisters through our fiscal sponsor Chapel & York

Like many nonprofits, TreeSisters has chosen to partner with the Chapel & York US Foundation, Inc to ensure that our American supporters can claim tax benefits by giving to a registered 501(c)(3). The Chapel & York US Foundation, Inc will provide you with a tax receipt for your donation. The Chapel & York Foundation is a registered. 

You can also donate by wire transfer and check or by donating stocks & shares or gifts of property. 

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Other ways to give

When you shop online, you can benefit TreeSisters in the process. By using these sites and selecting TreeSisters as your beneficiary charity, we can benefit from donations from certain retailers because of your purchases at no cost to you or us.


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If you would like to discuss your donation, then please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

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