Call of The Forest 

Screen Call of The Forest for Your Community and raise funds for the trees


“It will start with a shovel and an acorn, but we might just change the world.”



Do you enjoy bringing people together and educating them about the importance of our trees? 

Screening Call of the Forest for your community is a brilliant way to fundraise in aid of TreeSisters. A community screening is any group of 10 or more. 

TreeSisters has a special agreement with Merit Motion Pictures (the filmmaker) that allows treesisters everywhere to screen Call of the Forest to their community as a TreeSisters fundraiser, without purchasing a screening licence in advance. The agreement is an honour system.

What does this mean for you?

  • You are exempt from paying for a screening license before your screening
  • You will need to fill out the form at the bottom of this page
  • You will need to purchase the DVD of Call of the Forest from the film-makers website.
  • You must set a minimum attendance fee of CAN$5 (or equivalent in your currency) for your screening. To raise funds for TreeSisters, you will need to make your attendance fee greater than this. 
  • You must track the number of attendees to your community screening
  • You deposit all funds raised from the event to TreeSisters and report to us on where your screening was and how many attended. We will sort out the rest, including paying the film-maker CAN$5 per attendee.

You can screen the film at your local hall, or speak to your local cinema or other venue with a large screen. Often if you are fundraising, the venue will reduce or waive any hiring fees. 

Merit have lots of support for screenings on their website here, including a full Media Kit and images to use on social media (please disregard the information on their page about screening licenses as TreeSisters has a separate agreement).


Here at TreeSisters we know that everything is richer, deeper and more nourishing when you do it with others. 

This is a wonderful activity to do with your TreeSisters Grove, or your local women’s group, or just a group of friends who are passionate about the trees.

You may like to think about additional elements for your screening that could raise extra funds - such as:  

  • selling home-baked goodies before/after the film, 
  • contacting your local council for a donation of baby native trees that people can take home and plant for a small donation, 
  • organising a ‘tree walk’ in your local park and having someone knowledgeable share wisdom about the trees,
  • inviting local artists to create an art installation
  • setting up a panel discussion for after the film to discuss the main points or action your can take as a community  

If you’d like to do a screening for your community and raise funds for TreeSisters, please fill out the form below.

By completing the above fields and sending my submission, I agree to abide by the honour system TreeSisters has with Merit Motion Pictures (outlined above) and to the Terms & Conditions below.
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Terms & Conditions: Completion of the participation form is required prior to organising the community fundraising screening of 'Call of the Forest' in-aid of TreeSisters. There is no prior requirement to purchase a screening license. Purchase of the DVD is required at the organiser's own cost. Organisers must set a minimum attendance fee of CAN$5 (or country of residence equivalent) per screening - this minimum fee will cover the screening licence fee only, and any additional fee will be at the organiser's own discretion to raise funds for TreeSisters. Organisers must record total numbers of attendees and location per screening, and supply these details to TreeSisters accordingly when depositing funds.