Join the community that fundraises in aid of TreeSisters. There are so many creative ways to support; through services you provided, art and jewellery you sell, percentages of your merchandise or book sales. We are so grateful for you and your fundraising efforts.

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Water TreeSisters

We created the name WaterCarrier because it invokes the grace and stature of the women who carry water great distances on their heads to tend their families. You find ways to tend what's growing, and you do it through the giving of your gifts and your treasures.

A Water Carrier is a woman or man who donates part of the profits from the endeavours of her (or his) heart’s work in this world, to the trees through TreeSisters. You water the tree of TreeSisters to help her grow and deliver her mission. You
 spread the word and grow our mission through the gift of communications, connecting and networking in a variety of ways. 

WaterCarriers recognize our personal responsibility as an act of loving self care, to find ways of doing the things that bring us to life - so that in the doing and being, we can experience more of who we are and then bring that greater radiance and permission to our friends and families. 

Photo courtesy of WeForest in Khasi Hills

WaterCarriers are a community, giving from the heart of your gifts, through your Feminine Nature Based Leadership, taking an active role in the heart of the TreeSisters community by joining in on spreading the word.

Our current WaterCarriers are selling jewellery, sculpture and ceramics, handmade drums,  artwork and more. We have multiple authors gifting a percentage of every book sold, and teachers gifting us a percentage of profits from workshops that they're teaching.  The potential is endless - gathering to do things that you love - singing, dancing, cooking, theatre, comedy, art, wood cutting, weaving, yoga - creative ways of offering your gifts. We are constantly amazed at all you do and how you spread the word as we grow.

Flowering Heart Project  by
WaterCarrier Ursula Dutkiewicz

WaterCarriers for Individuals

WaterCarriers are fundraisers who agree to simple terms and conditions of fundraising

We recognize that income from fundraising and business activities isn't always a stable income, that profits may change or donations are tied to events like gatherings or art shows. We ask that WaterCarriers make an active effort to donate to the mission at least once a year in whatever amount they can based on what they do and what feels right to give.

WaterCarriers Community includes:
- A Nest group to come together and share advice, ideas and frendship.
- The potential to be included on our blogs or Courageous Conversations
- Actively participate in spreading the word about TreeSisters campaigns, courses etc.
- More to come.

Do you want to learn more about how WaterCarriers work and what is offered? Please visit the WaterCarrier guide here.


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