Join the many individuals globally who fundraise in aid of TreeSisters. There are so many creative ways to support; through services you provided, art and jewellery you sell, percentages of your merchandise or book sales. We are so grateful for you and your fundraising efforts.

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Water TreeSisters

As more and more women and men ask to water TreeSisters through the giving of their gifts, we needed to come up with a name to honour this life giving generosity. A WaterCarrier is an individual, woman or man, who wants to fundraise in aid of TreeSisters through the giving of their gifts whether that is from the profits of a small business or from a creative endeavor.


Please note: TreeSisters reserves the right to review and at their discretion decide whether or not to add your submission to our website based on our own rules and regulations. In addition, TreeSisters will not add any submissions which contain religious, political, sexual or derogatory language.

Photo courtesy of WeForest in Khasi Hills

WaterCarrier Registration

WaterCarriers are for individuals, couples or families that participate in the business or creative endeavor.
Please read our Terms and Conditions on fundraising to make sure you agree before you opt-in.

If your company is larger or has multiple employees please see our new partnership pages to learn about options that may be right for you.

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