TreeSisters Groves

A global web of people coming together for the trees and funding the reforestation of the planet

Why we need to gather at this time:
  • The climate emergency on Earth is here for the long haul. This means that our response to it needs to be one of durability, resilience and regeneration.
  • We know we are stronger together and that going it alone is no longer an option.
  • The old experience of activism burnout has shown us the need for a balance of support and self-care rooted in community.
  • Well created and well-held groups offer huge potential for sustained and effective local and global action.
TreeSisters Groves support you in restoring:
  • The power of community
  • The principle of self-care and earth care
  • The power of activism that is rooted in heart-centred resilience

What are TreeSisters Groves?

The Groves project is our invitation to you to gather with others to explore your connection with nature, and restoration of our natural world

A Grove is a local group supporters that meets regularly in their community or online for mutual support, and to plan local environmental projects

Grove groups are usually coordinated by one or two members who step forward in the role of ‘Grove Tenders’

We offer Grove Tenders a set of tools and a peer support network to use in starting, supporting and sustaining their Groves

The TreeSisters theory of Change invites everyone to rebalance themselves and restore their relationship with the natural world. To support this theory, Groves are made up of two halves:

One half is the time spent nourishing you and the group, this is called the inbreath

The other half is taking inspired action in the world for the trees, called the outbreath

Groves first restore themselves, then turn towards restoring the natural world

Be inspired by our existing grove tender stories

What are the impacts of TreeSisters Groves?

In the first two years of the TreeSisters Groves project, we have engaged with over 1,000 supporters who are exploring the possibility of creating a local group. So far, there have been over 150 Groves in over 30 different countries across the globe. Grove size can vary from four members to over fifty! Typically Groves have about 12 individuals in each group, so the immediate impact from these groups has reached 1,800 people, whose involvement has rippled out to wider groups of families, friends and communities. 

Be inspired by our existing Grove Tender stories here.


Impacts on the Grove Tenders

Living in the countryside seems idyllic, but it often leaves women disconnected and isolated. The Grove, for me, is an amazing way of bringing like-minded women together to share food, walk and plan on how we can improve our communities. This has had an enormous effect on me personally as the Tender as I have created what I sought to find four or five years ago - an effective, self-sufficient hub where all who participate in a sharing and caring way can benefit from the support from those around them. I am no longer suffering from depressive symptoms. Instead, I am offering help to those that are finding today’s times hard.’

Gaenor Barker Exeter Grove Tender


Impacts on the women who attend Groves

‘Being a member is positively transformative. Since attending the Grove meetings and online events, I feel stronger, more present, connected and inspired. I have grown in confidence and am now getting involved in causes and taking action as needed whilst at the same time looking after my own wellbeing. I feel delighted to be amongst so many evolved, intelligent, powerful, beautiful active, aware, sensitive, purposeful women. I think the organisation is groundbreaking and essential for the times that we are in’

Karen who attends Oak Grove, Frome UK

Impacts on the wider communities

‘We are losing our youth, our girls, to some modern-day dangers of the online world and consumerism.  As well as reforesting the planet, we need to dream in a new healthier culture for the health of our youth. In our Grove, we inspire through games and stories. One month each girl paired up and took turns to be led blindfolded to a tree. She then had to use her other senses to become familiar with it and was led away again, had her blindfold taken off and then had to find her same tree. They absolutely loved this experience and now each time we meet up the first thing they do is to run to find their tree, greeting them as a close friend.’

Hannah Gwawr Avalon Grove UK

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