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Star Tree Grove

Deep restoration of women, and growing restoration and connection to nature. We meet monthly on the new moon and sometimes meditate in the ancient redwoods. This is currently a closed Grove and contact.

Green Ash Grove of Kentucky

We are a Grove dedicated To Helping individuals grow themselves and making themselves stronger through sistering and friendships with the community, each other and their children. Bringing awareness to our community, schools and our natural areas about reforestation and the dying of ashtrees. This Grove involves online meetings and monthly meditation in person and other physical meetings vary throughout the year. This is currently a closed Grove, though open with invite.

TreeSisters Deva Grove

We are WOMEN WAGING PEACE. We meet to nurture ourselves using techniques that enhance wellbeing creatively so we then feel empowered to contribute to the restoration of the planet. We meet in Hoylake, Wirral once a month and had our first meeting in October 2019. We hope to showcase TreeSisters at Wirral Earth Festival in September and are currently planning ways to highlight how beautiful the restoration of the planet can be, using our individual skills and talents.

Jozi Tree Sisters Grove

Bringing together women in Johannesburg to deepen our relationship with trees, ourselves and each other in circle; to grow understanding of our role now on earth, to take actions together to bring trees to where people and our ecosystem needs them. We are mostly on-line at Jozi Tree Sister, but gradually moving into some in-person meetings and activities. The grove is informal and evolving - contributions, ideas, initiatives welcome.

Treesisters West Sussex Grove

Local Women coming together on the behalf of nature and our forests. We are a roving Grove, moving between various woodlands and homes around West Sussex.

RiverTree Grove

Bringing women together and nurturing each other. Established in 2019, we meet on a Sunday once a month to share ourselves and nurture our natural rhythms in conjunction with the Earth.

Octopus Healing Grove

Heart focused intentional prayer. We meet every Sunday online on Zoom. There are ten of us from around the world. We have been meeting since 2018. This Grove is currently a closed Grove and contact.

Dancing Daughters of Earth

We focus on regenerative in-breath work. Treesisters and non-treesisters meet in Plymouth monthly within Plymouth Red Tents space in the Wednesday evening nearest the full moon if possible, with special events in Looe. This Grove is guided by treesisters meditations and welcomes people who wish to contribute to the sessions as well as be replenished.

Birmingham TreeSisters Grove

We plant trees in an urban context and support women develop their leadership skills. Our Grove started in October 2019 and meets once a month on the 2nd Thursday of the month. We have a Facebook group which we use to organise ourselves for tree planting.

Wild Willow Grove

We gather together to support and witness each others coming home to ourselves as women. We nourishing ourselves with sisterhood to build resources and resilience to take action for our earth. We meet monthly. This is currently a closed Grove and contact.

TreeSisters HeARTland Grove

We plant trees and support women who care for the planet. We meet monthly.