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All Groves registered on the TreeSisters map have agreed to the TreeSisters code of ethics and values as a not for profit charitable organisation. Groves are independent groups, managed by the individual Grove Tenders of that Grove in a personal capacity. All Grove undertakings, activities and necessary insurances are the responsibility of the Grove Tender and the Grove, TreeSisters accept no liability. This Website page contains external links or pointers to information created and maintained by other private organisations or individuals. These links are provided for the user's convenience. TreeSisters does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of this outside information.



Aloha 'Aina Maui Grove

Our purpose is form a beautiful, creative community for women to deepen our connection to one another and the natural world. Together we will choose how this unfolds, listening to ourselves and to nature to know what is being asked of us at this time. We will create spaces to gather that both nurture the circle of women and to act to respond to the needs of the Earth. We may create rituals to honor the seasons, meditate in silence in the forest, create art, do gentle yoga, talk story and share food, or dance under a full moon. We will look for ways for restoration and regrowth in our local community as well as with the larger circle of treesisters. This is a new grove and we will meet monthly in-person to begin.

Petaluma Mother Daughter Grove

Connecting mother daughters to each other and Mother Earth in a reciprocal nourishing way.

The Grove of Rancocas

The Grove's purpose is to honor the wild within us and within nature; To create awareness, responsibility and change through Divine Feminine Nature-based Sisterhood; To connect and collaborate with like-minded women. We meet 2x a month! Once locally in the greater Rancocas Valley area and once virtually online via Zoom!

Women Empowering Women ~ Guided by Nature

Providing a safe non judgmental space in nature where women can feel supported and empowered. Currently this Grove is a transformation of a yearly spring retreat, Women Empowering Women - Guided by Nature which has been in existence for 12 years, to operate under the umbrella of Tree Sisters, where we can access further resources to empower women through nature. We would like to offer more opportunities to meet in person. Proceeds from these gatherings will be given back to local environmental causes and to the Tree Sister organization to help plant trees around the world.

Sophia's Grove

Gathering on the first Thursday of every month, Sophia's Grove provides a small, supportive community for women who each have their own unique way they wish to benefit Mother Nature.

Sydney Grove

Fundraising for trees in co-creating an eartharts festival. Our grove has sprung out of the annual Spring Gathering, which is growing. From the feedback from these women, they want to be active, and contibrute in tangible ways to reforesting the world, with some urgency. The Sydney Grove has a big vision to host an Eartharts Festival, as an annual fundraiser , the first one being in April 2022. It is hoped this will grow and gather those who want to be co-creators of this, for the trees, for such times, and for us.

Serenity Earth Treesister Grove

A grove for health and wellbeing. This is a new grove that aims to meet monthly online and face to face.

Wild Women Dreaming

Circles and gatherings to help put funds back into Tree Sister projects. Meeting once a week where I'd teach sharing circles, womb yoga, Ayurvedic tips and advice, art as therapy, meditation, yoga nidra and Cacao ceremony. Plus many more activities.

TreeSisters Gold Coast

The purpose of this Grove: Connection, Women, Social, Purpose, Giving Back and Nature. We are looking to meet monthly in person and also to hold fortnightly walks/nature trips and find a local place to connect with to plant our trees.

Isle of Man TreeSisters Grove

The purpose of this Grove is to nourish our forests. This Grove is closed.

Soul Aligned Grove

Coming together in a sacred space where we can connect and grow together while deepening our connection to and helping replenish and restore Mother Gaia. The hope for this group is long-term and to make meaningful impact with our inbreath and outbreath efforts

Iele Grove

Giving, nurturing , mothering nature within us and around us... It is a Grove where women can come whenever they feel the calling to share. With meetings every week or every second week. It is for the long run, to build a community of hearts that will grow, blossom and then share their gifts.

Edmonton Grove

Monthly women's circle

Deer Lodge Tennessee

The purpose of our Grove is to raise awareness of and on behalf of TreeSisters and to start having nature-based events where we can come up with a mission statement and find conservation projects in our area. Also to just BE together with nature and connect with one another. Once our Grove begins meeting up again in person, we are have discussed gathering once/month. The members all have lovely places to hold space for the group; so I would like to have roving meetings in order for us all to enjoy one another's beautiful spaces and allow each member to host us. They all seemed to appreciate that suggestion.

RiversMeet Grove

Online monthly meetings. We hope to meet in person in the future.

Sisters' Tree Grove

We are seeding this women's circle with the intention of creating a community of sisterhood, love and kindness as well as to nurture our deep intentions to care for the earth by taking conscious actionable steps together. This group aspires to become a space that not only fosters meaningful interpersonal connections among women who care for the earth, but also, provides the support to contribute, volunteer and respond more actively to the environmental crisis we are in.

Heal-all Heart-of-the-Earth Grove

Co-creating with Mother Earth, we embrace and hold space for the offer of our founding member, Heal-all ~ Heart-of-the-Earth, to help reawaken and support our personal and collective Nature based capacity to Self-heal, specifically to Self-heal historic traumas and ancestral wounds; to reclaim Compassion and unconditionally Loving Hearts in service to all Creation. Our journey is based on the Ogham Cycle, grounded in the present moment, and attuned with the Unknown through mindful Breathing. We co-create through embodied Nature based Listening, Sistering with all members (including Trees), curiosity, imagination, discovery, and creativity. We live in a Question re what will emerge from this co-creation. We trust that Heal-all will guide our in-Breath and our out-Breath. This grove meets online. The frequency of meetings is still to be determined.

Dandelion Grove

Our purpose is form a beautiful, safe nurturing community for women. Where we will share stories, be witnessed and be heard. Deepening our connections with nature we will look for ways for restoration and regrowth through treesisters and local community needs. We are a new grove and will be offering quarterly in person meetings (to represent the seasons).

Oak Maidens Grove

Focus on both in-breath and out-breath. In-breath - to create a sacred space where women can share their relationship with trees and Mother Earth, meditate and visualise together with each other and trees. Out-breath - for Grove members who want, to be actively involved in planting trees in Gloucestershire and taking actions to raise awareness of the vital importance of treeplanting to allay climate change. ~ Currently open until we have 12 committed TreeSisters and then we will close. ~ Meet fortnightly

Aspen Apiary

Building resilience, support and connection

Juniper Grove

To deepen our capacity to connect with Nature & bring a quiet still enter to the world. This Grove meets with an exquisite Juniper tree in our small garden.

Nemeton of Tenalach

To grow wisdoms, foster the ways of the Divine feminine and masculine in balance to learn and espouse regenerative practices.

Acadian Forest Grove

Honouring old growth forest, sister support for feminine empowerment, and raising money to grow trees in tropics and locally where needed.

Back To Nature

Back to Nature is a grove which takes place in different locations, and is different in nature. Also this is a mixed group, I try to keep it open just for women but every time I have been asked if the husband can participate, and I cannot say no. I would like everyone to have the taste of embodied practices, and the experience of having resources of how to take care of themselves and the planet.