TreeSisters exists to make it as normal to give back to Nature as it currently is to take Nature for granted.

Why we are different

TreeSisters researches many reforestation organisations to generate the most diverse, impactful portfolio of projects possible. This way you or your business can fund the most ethical, sustainable, respectful and ecologically beneficial tree planting projects.

We make it easy for you to give back every month by funding trees and growing your own global forest. Our cost per tree is 40p/55c.


Why tropical trees?

Tropical forests are more than 'the lungs' of our world - they are the beating heart of the hydrological cycle. As weather stabilisers, rain creators and cleansers, they are intimately tied to our health and our food. They are ecological healers, crucial for biodiversity and major carbon sinks that absorb excess atmospheric carbon that otherwise acidifies our oceans. We cannot live without them. We are losing them at staggering rates. Destruction needs to stop and restoration needs to become the new norm.



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The planting projects we support

Through TreeSisters you become a Restorer by making a monthly donation to grow your own forest, your forest includes the entire portfolio of our planting partners and projects shown here. This means that you are restoring diverse forest ecosystems, protecting multiple critically endangered species, reducing poverty and mitigating climate change.

Thank you!
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Mt. Kenya, Kenya
International Tree Foundation

Reforesting slopes of Mt Kenya

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Boeny Region, Madagascar
Eden Reforestation Projects

Inland and coastal forest restoration 

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Teodoro Sampaio, Brazil


Forest corridors linking habitat for endangered species

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Jhapa Region, Southeast Nepal

Eden Reforestation Projects

Intact forest landscape protection and jungle restoration

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Mt.Bamboutos, Cameroon
International Tree Foundation/ERuDeF

Restoring ecological corridors connecting community forests

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Bela Vista,
Eden Reforestation Projects

Coastal Mangrove forest restoration

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Kalamboro Estuary, Madagascar
Eden Reforestation Projects

Coastal Mangrove forest restoration

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Khasi Hills, India - Completed Project

Assisted natural regeneration of cloud forest

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State of Acre, Brazil (Amazon)

Indigenous led Amazonian Food Forest project

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Yapen Island, West Papua
Eden Reforestation Projects

Coastal Mangrove Forest restoration

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Gunung Palung National Park, Borneo
Health in Harmony

Peat swamp forest and Orangutan habitat restoration

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Cauvery River Basin
Cauvery Calling

Helping to restore the 10th largest river basin with the farmers and community who live there.

Learn more about each planting projects by clicking on the articles on each project page!
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You can Grow Your Own Forest by setting up a monthly donation to TreeSisters. By doing this you are supporting our projects in a sustainable way, so that they can plan for the future. You are also stepping into the global community of treesisters.

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Tree References

We have collected our tree articles into one place for easy reference! Please feel free to browse these topics and learn more about how our planting projects work.


Forests: Our Planetary Immune System

By Lauriane Cayet-Boisrobert


Why is it Important to Reforest the Tropics?

By Lauriane Cayet-Boisrobert

The TreeSisters of Mount Kenya

Step into life on the ground in Kenya and meet some of the women whose lives you are touching with your generosity. This film is from our latest field trip to our partner project with the International Tree Foundation reforesting the slopes of Mt Kenya to replenish the most important of their water towers.

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