Trees transform lives and landscapes

TreeSisters is empowering a network of women around the world to change the world through tree planting

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TreeSisters represents a solution for a future of hope and restoration

Women can unite to change our world

This is your calling to each and every woman who is feeling the profound need to take action in the face of the growing political and environmental crescendo unfolding around us. Together we can change the world, change the future and restore the earth. A radical re-evaluation is happening; each month women donate to plant trees, each year we gather more donations which go directly to planting trees and dramatically improving lives and landscapes.

Together we are taking collective action on behalf of the planet, together we are finding a positive solution by uniting women.

Tree Strategy

The tropical forests are more than 'the lungs' of our world - they are rain creators, weather stabilizers, air cleansers and conditioners for the whole planet. They are our major carbon sinks - absorbing excess atmospheric carbon that otherwise acidifies our oceans.

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We are growing forest corridors to protect endangered species in Brazil, restoring mangrove and dry deciduous forests in Madagascar, replenishing the watershed of Mt Kenya, rescuing agricultural lands and restoring cloud forests in India, reforesting cleared and burnt lands in Nepal, and restoring highlands forest to protect critically endangered gorillas in Cameroon.

Brazil - State of acre
Brazil - Teodoro Sampaio
Cameroon - Mt bamboutos
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Indonesia - Boreno
Kenya - mt KenyaMadgascar - Boeny regionmadagascar - Kalamboro EstuaryMozambique - Bela vistAnepal - Jhapa RegionWEST PAPUA - YAPEN ISLAND

Completed Projects

india - khasi hills

The TreeSisters of Mount Kenya

Step into life on the ground in Kenya and meet some of the women whose lives you are touching with your generosity. This film is from our latest field trip to our partner project with the International Tree Foundation reforesting the slopes of Mt Kenya to replenish the most important of their water towers.

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Your gift will fund the planting of tropical trees and directly help replenish the world's forests