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Boeny Region, Madagascar

In Partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects

A brief conversation about the trees and wildlife that your donations are helping to save, including chameleons that are extinct in other places!

Location: Cape opposite the city of Mahajnga, Boeny Region, Madagascar 

Madagascar is a nation with over 200,000 species of plants and animals that don't exist anywhere else in the world. The Eden Reforestation Projects work with a local community association to restore a vital and exclusive forest ecosystem, which is habitat for six species of endangered lemurs. The animals are currently surviving on remnant patches of forests in the region of Boeny, which is unsustainable.

The project employs the local community to grow, plant and protect dry, deciduous tree species to maturity. These trees are either endemic to Western Madagascar or native to South Eastern Africa and the Western Indian Ocean. The project is being implemented on government-owned land with the aim of turning it into gazetted land for conservation, educational and eco-tourism purposes.

Moreover, it is an opportunity to save one of the project area's inhabitants, a small population of Crowned Sifaka lemur, an endemic Sifaka to Western Madagascar classified as endangered, who live in a pocket of remaining dry, deciduous forest.

Photos of the Dry Decidous Madagascar project courtesy of Eden Reforestation Projects

~ Planters showing the health and growth of their saplings
~ A close up of a flowering tree
~ Growing saplings in the nursery
~ One of the unique species in the area 
~ Delivering needed supplies

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The project aims to restore approximately 2,500 hectares of (primarily) dry-deciduous forests but also a fringe of mangroves along the shore, resulting in the planting of approximately 6,250,000 trees. Over time, the two vegetative systems will become a continuous ecosystem, and ultimately connect to the other project's part of the envisioned green belt. In this regard, Eden Reforestation Projects has been restoring endangered mangrove estuarine systems along the western coast since 2007, with TreeSisters sponsoring sites within the Kalamboro Estuary since 2015.

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By Lauriane Cayet-Boisrobert 

Madagascar: Dry Decidous


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