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Jhapa Region, Southeast Nepal

In Partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects

 This video footage contains both aerial drone coverage of the planting nursery and close up coverage with the women planters. Video courtesy Eden Reforestation Projects.

Location: Central Nepal (Rautahat) and Southeastern Nepal (Jhapa) which are located at the foothills of the Himalayas, along the Indian border

This reforestation project aims to regenerate the forest cover around the Jalthal forest, a protected area of great importance to the local communities. Community forest user groups are planting native species on degraded, burnt and cleared lands for grazing and agriculture.

The Eden Reforestation Projects provides the local villagers involved in the "pay to employ" program meaningful employment to grow, plant and guard native trees to maturity on their lands. The term Jhapa, meaning canopy, speaks to the vibrant, dense and diverse forest that once existed in the area - and we hope will one day return. The villagers have started to see the return of elephants and snakes into their local environment and recognize the importance of their presence.

Photos of the Nepal project courtesy of Eden Reforestation Projects

~ Planters on a hillside pose with saplings in Nepal
~ Trees growing in a nursery
~ One of the many wildlife residents 
~ A planter out in the field
~ Planted trees growing showing a few years growth

(Photos will change every few seconds or you can scroll with the small arrows on each side.)

"Hariyo Ban Nepal Ko Dhan" was a Nepali saying translating into "Green Forests are the wealth of Nepal". It was for good reason as lush dense tropical, temperate and alpine forests used to cover respectively the country's lowlands, midlands and high mountains (WWF Nepal). Today, the southern low-lying part of the Terai is densely populated, and mostly under cultivation. In just half a century (1927 – 1977), the forest cover of Nepal's Terai declined by almost 60% and continued decreasing by an annual rate of around 0.4% until 2010.

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