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Kalambro Estuary, Madagascar

In Partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects

Aerial drone footage helps to give you an idea of the size of this planting project. Video provided by Eden Reforestation Projects.

Location: Kalamboro Estuary, Boeny Region, Madgascar 

TreeSisters and Eden Reforestation Projects support the villagers to restore small degraded, patches of cleared mangrove, in the remote mangroves estuarine ecosystem called Kalamboro. This area is owned by the government but local community associations co-manage it with the State. Kalamboro is challenged by poverty, human population growth and regional illegal timber trade.

All along Madagascar's Western coast, the mangrove estuaries are being cleared, destroying rich coastal ecosystems, in the sea, in the estuary channels and on the scenic mangrove islands, leaving the bare earth to wash away into the sea and sediments to alter the fisheries' resources. This happens in addition to all the sediments coming from inland deforestation. More than 90% of Madagascar's original forests have been destroyed. 

The Eden Reforestation Projects is supporting the people of Kalamboro to get out of poverty and in many cases escape 'Fish Baron' slavery, by employing them to restore the mangroves they inhabit and greatly depend upon. Through this partnership, we fund mangrove forest regeneration to help these communities rebuild their coastal ecology, providing nurseries for vital dwindling fish stocks, stabilizing soil and providing buffering for rising sea levels and storms. The social and ecological benefits and beauty of this project are truly amazing.

Photos of the Kalamboro Estuary, Madgascar project courtesy of Eden Reforestation Projects

~ Planters tending to seedlings
~ Several new trees planted near mature ones
~ Workers on their way to collect propagules
~ Collecting propagules from mature trees 
~ Some of the women whose lives have improved from working on the project

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Mangroves grow in the saline coastal habitats of the tropics and subtropics. They are powerful carbon sequesters, soil stabilizers and tidal buffer zones as sea levels rise and storms intensify, causing yet more precious top soil to erode into the oceans. These 'sea trees' also provide nursery habitat for countless species of fish that provide income and food for the desperately poor communities that Eden serves.

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By Sophie Jane Mortimer-Hardy

How Your Mangrove Trees are Saving Lives


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