TreeSisters Planting Projects

Mt Bamboutos, Cameroon

In Partnership with ITF

In this video provided by ITF, a farmer speaks his gratitude
how the tree planting projects have helped his crops to grow healthy and faster
(because the trees are helping to retain water in the soil).

Location: Mt Bamboutos, Lebiahem Highlands, Cameroon

This project supports the urgent restoration of the Lebialem Highlands forests, home to high endemism and endangered species, such as the most critically endangered of all African primates - the cross river gorilla, with just 300 remaining in the wild. The project occurs in an area of many interests, combining mining, bushmeat hunting and logging.

The International Tree Foundation and its local partner ERuDef aim to create an ecological corridor through degraded forest lands restoration, connecting community forests and riparian forests, and agroforestry in surrounding areas. The project seeks to improve the local communities' livelihood in order to relieve the pressure off the actual forests through green development associated with timber and non-timber products such as avocado production and cottage industries. It is also helping set up a platform to help well-organized women build their businesses and find the financial support they need.

Photos of the Cameroon project courtesy of EruDef

~ Healthy growing saplings at one of the nurseries
~ Mahogany tree seeds
~ Participants of an agroforestry and farm training workshop
~ Clouds on Mt Bamboutos
~ Taking questions at a tree grafting demonstration

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ERuDef and ITF will be planting 102,900 trees in Year 1, 251,700 in Year 2, and 245,400 in Year 3 (these numbers are agroforestry and forest restoration trees combined all together). TreeSisters is expected to have 60% of the trees planted for forest restoration and 40% of the trees planted under agroforestry systems. Agroforestry trees are used for the community's subsistence and livelihood and will be planted on small farms. Agroforestry areas will constitute 27% of the total trees planted over 3 years.

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By Lauriane Cayet-Boisrobert 

Mt Bamboutos ~ Taking Root!

By Lauriane Cayet-Boisrobert 

Cameroon: Water, Soil and Endangered Wildlife


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