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Mt. Kenya, Kenya - Water Tower

In Partnership with ITF

A conversation with the planters at Mount Kenya. 
This video was from a TreeSisters trip to the project and made by Kenya Ference.

Location: Foothills of Mt Kenya in the Mt. Kenya Forest Reserve and Lower Imenti Forest Reserve

Kenya has one of the lowest levels of green cover in Africa at just 7%, which makes water scarcity a national problem. However, in 2015, Kenya committed to increasing tree cover from 7% forest cover to at least 10% in the next 15 years. TreeSisters is supporting the International Tree Foundation's 20 Million Tree Campaign to work with farmers, women and school children to reforest the denuded and degraded lands which were once part of Mt Kenya's forest ring and connected Lower Imenti forest.

These forests are growing on gazetted lands within forest reserves. The project also supports agroforestry activities on small-scale farms, in farmlands adjacent to the forest reserves. The aim is to restore a critical water catchment for Kenya's people, delivering an estimated 40% of the country's water needs, and gather communities around the rehabilitation of both their forest and their agricultural lands. This is an audacious project that warrants significant support.

Photos of the Mt Kenya project courtesy of Lauriane Cayet-Boisrobert and Kenya Ference
~ Women tree planters celebrating their seedlings
~ A newly planted sapling
~ Planters showing the seeds they are planting
~ One of the tree nurseries 
~ Julian a planter on the project and Bernadette one of the original TreeSisters staff pose with a tree they have planted

(Photos will change every few seconds or you can scroll with the small arrows on each side.)

Kenya's forests are vital - for wildlife, for freshwater resources, and for the materials they provide to local people. Even today, Kenya's rural communities are heavily dependent on forests for their livelihoods. Local people recognise that the forests need to be protected - but they also contribute to the damage, not out of choice but because they have to. Only 7% of Kenya is covered by trees which equates to 67 trees per person compared to a global average of 420. It's one of the countries most affected by deforestation in Africa. The International Tree Foundation knows that it's time to act and fast. 20 Million trees are needed, so we are right behind them.

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Interview by Lauriane Cayet-Boisrobert; Compiled by Terra Canova

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