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State of Acre, Brazil

In Partnership with Aquaverde

Shaman Benki Piyako created this video for us speaking about the pandemic
and how we need to work together now to protect the planet.

Location: Outside the town of Marechal Thaumaturgo, State of Acre, Brazil     

The Ashaninka tribe live deep in the intact Amazon rainforest on the border of Brazil and Peru. They desire to live a wealthy way of life (in the traditional sense) in harmony with Nature, but they will eventually have to face farming, mining and political pressures like other tribes. To protect the forest and their way of life, one of their spiritual leaders, Shaman Benki Piyako, has designed an agroforestry project called Yorenka Tassorentsi Reforestation.

Investing in the Ashaninka’s economic and sustainable empowerment through reforestation will ensure they stay a robust community with sustainable sources of revenue, whilst continuing to enjoy nutritious food, high quality drinking water and traditional medicine from the forest. 

The project also seeks to change the way people view native trees and increase awareness about the value of the Amazon forest, by involving non-indigenous locals, as well as visitors from other parts of Brazil and foreigners. It is setting an example of healing the environment with reforestation and agroforestry systems.

Photos of the State of Acre, Brazil project courtesy of Aquaverde

~ Shaman Benki Piyako of the Ashaninka Tribe
~ An aerial view of the village
~ A tribe member planting a tree
~ Rows of growing tree seedings 
~ Indigenous tribe members crossing a river in a boat

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The project aims to create a forest garden of 10 million native fruit trees over 10 years. It will provide sustainable and nutritious food for over 1,000 indigenous people and non-indigenous locals living in Marechal Thaumaturgo, as well as revenues for the welfare of the indigenous community. TreeSisters will start by funding the planting of 50,000 trees over 2 years. 

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By Lauriane Cayet-Boisrobert 

New Project in Brazilian Amazonia


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