Costs of tree planting



TreeSisters tree price as of 1st March 2022 is 45 pence per tree (GBP). This price is blended across 10 planting projects. Periodically when we bring on new planting projects with sufficiently different costs to that of our existing portfolio, our combined price per tree will change.

The price per tree is low because we plant in some of the poorest countries in the world and we work with organisations that are mastering planting techniques that reduce external costs and increase yield and resilience by working more consciously with nature's own processes. Cost may well rise, as we bring on projects in countries with higher costs of living. 

It is important to us that we support projects that not only plant trees and restore ecosystems, but also support the communities who plant for them; restoring livelihoods, dignity and the capacity to access education and health care whilst deepening relationships with the forest.

Cost per tree: 45p GBP (85% funds charitable activities)

Embedded in this price are the trees, the critical people that plant and protect them, replanting if needed and the campaigning we do to inspire ever more people to fund planting. 

85% of every donation TreeSisters receive goes directly to funding our Green Cover work, which has planted more than 25 million trees globally, and our behavioural change programmes which inspire and provide tools to move us from a consumer to restorative species. This means that when you donate to TreeSisters, you’re funding ecological restoration and social change.  To break this down further:

 :deciduous_tree: 70% of your donation funds a diverse portfolio of community-led tropical reforestation projects, each aiming to expand the forests and avoid further deforestation. Projects are extensively vetted and designed to work with, and support, local communities, improve livelihoods, protect critically endangered species, and encourage gender parity. You can find more detail about our Green Cover Strategy.

 :deciduous_tree: 15% of your donation funds our behavioural change work. Humanity needs behavioural change on a large scale to tackle the climate crisis. With a focus on inspiring the feminine leadership that sits within all of us regardless of gender, we can reimagine and collectively shift our approach from a consumer to a restorative culture. This work provides resources, experience sharing, and communities that invigorate personal and collective action on behalf of the trees and the planet. To find out more about this work and how to address our current imbalance, see here.

 :deciduous_tree: The remaining 15% of your donation will contribute towards core costs. ‘Core costs’ are often framed as admin and overheads yet this is a simplistic view as core costs effectively enable the overall success and effectiveness of TreeSisters as an organisation. They enable charitable activities to be delivered within a framework of good governance, operational effectiveness, and transparency, whilst allowing us to invest in sustainable growth enabling us to increase our impact globally.

Additional information:
90% of our funding comes directly from our supporters and community, and in order to continue to provide the best service possible, make the biggest impacts, and ensure our monitoring and evaluation standards remain high and rigorous in all that we do, we invest in TreeSisters. When you donate, you can be sure you are donating to the most ethical, sustainable, and ecologically beneficial solutions to climate and social change globally.

Changes to our tree price will happen periodically, as new projects come on and the combined cost of our whole portfolio changes as a result. We’re constantly adapting to changes of costs on the ground in our various planting countries as things like civil war (Cameroon), major political issues affecting the cost of living (Nepal), and exchange rate fluctuations occur, however, we strive to keep our costs consistent. This cost increase also gives us a slightly more robust buffer in the face of greater global instability and supports us in the development of our partnership portfolio.

We are long term committed partners for all our projects. Jobs, livelihoods, children’s education and health care depend upon the wages paid to those who are planting and protecting many of these trees. Yes, the ecological benefits are crucial, but so is taking care of those who live in or near remnant forests of importance, or adjacent to the forests we are growing. For the trees to thrive, people and communities need to thrive. This means making a living via alternatives to timber extraction and having to sell land for development or farming/industrial interests.

Thank you for your support!

Below are some of the trees your donations fund (from top left to right): Eden - Madagascar Mangroves, Eden - Nepal, WeForest -Brazil, ITF- Cameroon (Mahogany Seeds by EruDef), Project Greenhands - Irrigation at a Tree Nursery in India, Project Greenhands - Seedlings in India.)