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Yapen Island, West Papua

In Partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects

Location: Ansas Community, Yapen Island, West Papua

The ‘Yapen Mangrove Restoration Project’ supports the rehabilitation of a riverine mangrove system by the village of Ansas in West Papua. It has been partially deforested due to village expansion, and exploited to provide the village with raw material to build their houses and fuelwood for cooking.

The project aims to plant 500,000 mangrove trees over two years. 

West Papua has some of the most biodiverse and carbon-rich mangroves in the world. Small-scale fishermen depend on the mangroves for their livelihood. The mangroves provide habitat for many local and migratory birds. They also represent low-cost, Nature-based protection from typhoons and tsunamis. 

With time, the Ansas people will be able to improve their livelihoods through increased income generated by employment. They will also benefit from more productive and sustainable fisheries. Without this project, the mangroves of Ansas are likely to face increasing exploitation for charcoal production and the development of rice crops or unsustainable palm oil plantations..

Photos of the West Papua project courtesy of Eden Reforestation Projects

~ An Indonesian woman planting mangrove trees
~ Mangrove trees growing in the water
~ An Indonesian monkey in the forest
~ A grove of mature and newly planted Mangroves
~ Planting the mangroves on the shoreline

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The project addresses both poverty and mangrove restoration together. Over time, addressing poverty and restoring mangroves will influence one another retroactively in a positive way . Healthy mangrove forests will provide an abundance of life and fisheries resources. The Ansas community will in time be able to build a different relationship with the mangroves, improve their livelihoods, and plan a better future.

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