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There is a powerful choice that you can make. A choice that transforms lives and lands, sequesters carbon, protects endangered species, produces rainfall, restores rivers and groundwater. Making this choice values the children of every species and the climate they will inherit. It says ‘I care’. When you Grow Your Own Forest, you’re making that powerful choice.

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What is Grow Your Own Forest? 

This is an invitation for everyone to become a climate solution. It’s a call for all of us to take direct action to restore tropical forests worldwide, by funding the planting of trees to help cool our world.

Imagine if everyone decided to start giving back to Nature by growing their own forest. How fast could we restore our world?

Grow Your Own Forest is a call to every woman, man, family, business, faith group, organisation, community group, town and city to come together to restore, protect, love and grow their own forest with TreeSisters.

When you Grow Your own Forest with TreeSisters you are growing a tropical forest, supporting social change and the empowerment of women worldwide. Thank you!


Why restore tropical forests?

Tropical forests are critical to life on Earth, and yet are under severe threat from climate change, subsistence agriculture, and corporate interests (mining, logging, broad scale agriculture and pasture). 

Protecting our intact tropical forests and restoring degraded forests is a priority for each and every one of us. Destroying them imbalances planetary climate, reduces global rainfall and rapidly increases the risk of desertification. We all need tropical forests!

TreeSisters is a registered charity whose mission is to accelerate reforestation in the tropics by making it as normal to give back to Nature as it currently is to take. We do this by working with world class planting projects that use ethical planting methods to plant native tree species. If you would like to read more about our reforestation strategy
you can do so here

How do I grow my own forest?

Donate to TreeSisters, by clicking here and choosing how to give. Once you have donated, you will be able to set up an account and see the total number of trees you have funded.

How would you like to you give to TreeSisters? Is this your personal forest? Is it a forest you’d like to grow with your family or friends? Are you wishing to gift a percentage of your income? Would you like to start a fundraiser and invite your friends to grow a forest with you? Make a choice that is strong enough to feel really good.

Discover fascinating facts about the projects you are supporting. You can get to know more about your forests by reading how these planting projects are making a difference in the lives of local people and wildlife.

Where is my forest growing?

Your forest includes a very ecologically and culturally diverse portfolio of projects. We fund planting in the Atlantic and Amazon rainforests of Brazil, the upland forests of Mount Kenya, mangroves in Madagascar, Mozambique, Borneo, West Papua, agro-forestry in Southern India, and community forests in Nepal.

All our projects go through rigorous screening, have a focus on the empowerment of women and are chosen for their social impact as well as their ecological benefits. These projects are amazing and so are the people who do the planting. Your donations take care of them and allow them to plan for the expansion of their forests. These are long term relationships and we invite you to step in joyfully and generously beside them. 

Six of our projects are featured in the images to left: Eden - Madagascar, Aquaverde - Amazonia, ITF (photo by EruDef) - Cameroon, Eden - Nepal, WeForest - Khasi Hills and Project GreenHands - India.

"Donating to TreeSisters is my choice to live in reciprocity with life.  My donations are funding the planting of these life-giving trees that are helping to heal our planet . That in turn changes the lives of the people who live in these beautiful areas and provides habitat for wildlife and plant biodiversity at a time when so many species are endangered. I can’t imagine not giving back to Mother Earth." 
~ Elizabeth C. TreeSisters donor since 2016

When you donate to TreeSisters, you are funding trees that will be planted globally. Those trees become your forest. Log into your account to see how many trees you have funded and watch the numbers grow with your donations!

If you are ready to do something utterly beautiful, crucial and generous for this world, you can start growing a forest right now! Donate to TreeSisters, by clicking here and choosing how to donate. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What does my Tree Number include:
Your total tree number is calculated from monthly and one-time donations received via since 2016. Currently, we are unable to include donations made via Facebook Fundraisers, Virgin, JustGiving, CAF Canada, Green America or other third party fundraising sites, or cheques and wire transfers received prior to November 2019

How do I see my forest?
If you have made a donation you already have started your forest! Log in to your account. You will see your forest when you click on My Forest in the left side menu. If you have donated but never set up an account before, it's there waiting for you. Please create an account.

Do I need to opt in or sign up? 
Making a donation begins or adds to your forest. An account is set up by donating. Your account also gives you easy access to update your donation information. 

I've been donating for years, how far back does my forest go?
Grow Your Own Forest tracks the online donations you have made since 2016. Please know we treasure our donors who have been with us even longer. We are working on getting those earlier years added into our system.

I want to grow a forest for my family, group or business, how can I do that?
We recommend you create an account specifically for your group forest. Once you have set up your group account, you will need to start a fundraiser page in the name of your group. Fundraiser pages are easy to create and give you space to describe your group. You can then share your fundraiser URL with your group. All donations through your group's fundraiser page will grow your group forest. Please keep in mind that only one person can log in to see the total. We recommend you designate someone who often shares updates and news with your group. Do you want more instructions? Please see our support guide!

Can I name my forest?
Yes you can! When you set up your fundraiser page, you can give your forest a name. Please do not use any obscene, racist, political, or other type of inappropriate name. We reserve the right to delete or edit anything that we may deem inappropriate.

Can I see photos of the specific trees I have planted?
While we do have photos of our planting projects, we are not able to show you pictures of specific trees that you have funded. This is because donations are distributed across all of our planting projects at various times, and projects have varied growing seasons. It isn't possible to stop and photograph trees for individual donors.

Can I choose which planting project I want to plant at?
We take your donations and divide them among our 10 planting projects. This means the trees you plant will be located across all 10 projects. We do this to ensure that every project has the funding needed. Some projects are more popular than others, and choosing which one you plant at could result in a lack of support for critically important areas and projects.