Our deepest thank you for your love, care and support for TreeSisters. Your willingness to spread the word will help create a new normal and see forests seeded into everything we do. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

In this Media Kit you will find:

         :deciduous_tree: Introduction to Media Kit
         :herb: Flyer (letter / page size)
         :deciduous_tree: Press Release
         :herb: Slides for use in presentations
         :deciduous_tree: Digital Banner Ads
         :herb: Campaign Cards - business sized
Tree Project Cheat Sheets (short descriptions)
         :herb: Flyer (postcard sized)
         :deciduous_tree: Sharable Memes

Please use recyled paper and natural/non toxic inks as much as possible when printing out any of these materials for sharing.

Introducing the Media Kit 

Thank you for wanting to spread the word with TreeSisters and encouraging everyone you know to grow their own forest. Together we can create a new normal. A world in which everyone is growing their own forest and where giving back to Nature is as normal as it currently is to take from it. Your support, dedication and energy can help bring this message to the world and restore the tropical forests!

We would love you to spread the word through your networks and connections, in your local communities and beyond. Come and share your efforts, ideas and outcomes in our online community, the Nest. We have created this media kit to help you do that. If you need any more information or materials, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing support@treesisters.org  

We would love you to celebrate the campaign by:

- using the memes on your own Facebook page;
- posting in relevant Facebook groups about Grow Your Own Forest;
- writing a blog post for your website to talk about why you are growing your own forest with TreeSisters, 

If you would like to tag TreeSisters on social media or share posts directly from TreeSisters social media accounts you can find us here:

Facebook ~ https://www.facebook.com/treesisters/
Twitter ~ https://twitter.com/treesisters
Instagram ~ https://www.instagram.com/treesisters_official/
Pinterest ~ https://www.pinterest.co.uk/treesisters/
YouTube ~ https://www.youtube.com/treesisters


Taking Local Action in Your Community

We would also love for as many treesisters as possible to take this message into their local communities and invite local businesses and community groups to start growing their own forest with TreeSisters. 

Could you invite your local hairdresser to grow their own forest? Could your local school run a fundraiser and grow their own forest? Could your local shop donate to TreeSisters and grow their own forest? 

To help you take the campaign into your local community, we have designed slides, flyers and a press release to help you spread the word to as many places as possible.


Introducing TreeSisters to Your Community

If you would like text to help you introduce Grow Your Own Forest who may not of heard about TreeSisters before, we would love you to use the following introduction: 

There is a powerful choice that you can make. A choice that will transform lives and lands, sequester carbon and protect endangered species, produce rainfall, restore rivers and groundwater. Making this choice values the children of every species and the climate that they will inherit.  It says ‘I care’.

When you Grow Your Own Forest, you’re making that powerful choice. When you start funding trees in the tropical forests of the world with TreeSisters, you’ll be joining a global community of people who care and are taking action. Whether you are a family, a community group, an organisation or a business; you can create a living legacy starting right now. 

TreeSisters is a registered charity whose mission is to accelerate reforestation in the tropics by making it as normal to give back to Nature as it currently is to take. We do this by working with world class planting projects that use ethical planting methods to plant native tree species. All of our planting projects involve and employ local communities to ensure the long term success of the trees planted and support the rebuilding of the human connection to Nature. TreeSisters channels and nurtures feminine Nature-based leadership around the world, to restore balance and promote planetary and personal wellbeing. 

Every time you donate to TreeSisters, you are Growing Your Own Forest. You are funding the planting of trees across the tropics in locations such as Madagascar, Mozambique, India, Nepal, Brazil, Kenya, and Cameroon. When you donate to TreeSisters, whether as a monthly donor or by giving a one time gift, you can log into the TreeSisters website and see the total number of trees you have funded, understand the impact these trees are having on our world and discover fascinating facts about the projects you are supporting. 

TreeSisters is your invitation to change the world and create a new normal. Join us today and Grow Your Own Forest.

Please feel free to add your own messages about why growing a forest is important to you and why you are passionate about TreeSisters.

Thank you from us, from the trees, from the flora and fauna of the tropical forests, and from the people who depend on those forests for life and livelihood! Thank you for helping us to spread the word and create a new normal! 

The TreeSisters Team


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