Reconnect with nature 

TreeSisters want to inspire everyone to connect and rebalance with nature. We are nature, and by understanding the importance of this connection and living in alignment with our natural environment, we can start to move from consumer to restorer, protect our planet and make the necessary shift toward restoration.

Paths to reconnect

Humanity's relationship with the natural world is broken. We seem to have forgotten that we are nature and the importance of living in alignment with our natural environment. Now, a 2022 study has put the UK last of fourteen European nations for its "nature connectedness" and oneness with the natural world. 

What does it mean to reconnect?

Reconnecting with nature or "nature connectedness" is a measurable construct backed up by science examining the relationship between humanity and the natural world. People with high levels of nature connectedness enjoy better mental and physical health and tend to act in more environmentally friendly ways. Here are 5 simple ways to (re)connect:

It is easy to disconnect in our busy lives, but stop and notice nature wherever you are.

Nature is a sensory experience. Presence yourself at the moment and bring some peace.

Get moving. Being physically active helps to raise your mood and deepen your connection with the world around you.
Protect your environment. Look at local conservation activities in your area and get involved.
Nature can inspire creativity; why not channel that into painting, writing, or photography?

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Paths to reconnect


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