The Courage to Shine


21 Days of Inner Alchemy for Women who Long to be Liberated

An online course with TreeSisters founder Clare Dubois


~ 13th May to 3rd June ~

This course is now closed to entry.


"This course gave me more than I could ever have imagined. I was able to claim my own life in ways that were accessible and surprisingly powerful given their simplicity. It was like a turbo boost back home towards myself." Amy B. Marin CA.

While our world is on pause, ‘normal’ is currently suspended. Together, while we are hovering in the unknown, surrendering to free fall or completely overwhelmed, the opportunity for radical personal transformation has never been greater.

Amidst it all, for many of us, our fears, patterns, belief systems and assumptions are being let loose. In response, TreeSisters are offering The Courage to Shine as a support system for navigating major change as a bridge to personal and collective empowerment. Your participation will also plant many tropical trees!

The course and it’s tools, perspectives, processes and online global community are here to help you not just survive this moment in time, but turn more completely towards thriving.


What is the Courage to Shine?


This virtual, 21 day process is a very intimate offering created by TreeSisters Founder Clare Dubois, as a gift to the global community. Within it, she is sharing the most powerful internal growth tools, perspectives and processes she has developed and used over decades to alchemize fear, climb out of comfort zones and step into leadership.

"If I can grow from a socially inept, shame and fear based introvert into the founder of a global grassroots women’s reforestation movement, then frankly anything is possible! The world needs more women in their power and this course is designed to support that reality." Clare Dubois

This video will give you an overview of the course content and structure.


"It’s time to feel fully alive. It’s time for our gifts and our power to be let loose with love on behalf of all we cherish. It’s time to say yes to ourselves."

Listen to the Introductory Call 

If you are wondering what this course will offer, how it will be led or what you are likely to experience, then this call is a must.

We explore:

~ What ‘shining’ means within this context, and what ‘inner alchemy’ really is

~ The logic of the journey and what to expect

~ An actual taster alchemy process

~ How many trees will be planted for you, and where

~ Your questions (with a good chunk of time for Q&A!)

"The free intro call was refreshingly honest, personal and encouraging. It really helped me to listen to other women’s questions and answers, and realise that I’m not alone." Yissef. Lebanon

Does this speak to you?

There is something extraordinarily powerful about taking a deep inner journey of liberation with women all around the world.

Together, focused with powerful intention, we have the capacity to alchemise subtle blockages, belief systems, internal clamps, walls and emotional clenches that hold us back from pleasure, passion, clarity, outrage, action and leadership (and a whole lot more!)

Your Online Course Structure

There are four calls/webinars ordered specifically to prepare the ground with context, concepts and tools that can be tried on and integrated in preparation for deeper experiential dives. Between the calls are further offerings, invitations and a community to support you (see below)

1. 13th May - The Ultimate Embrace

2. 20th May - Practicing Alchemy: Love, Liberation and Life Force

3. 27th May - Freefall, Default Settings and Unliving the Lie

4. 3rd June - Reclaiming the Throne

5. 17th June - Embodying Light ~ Bonus Q&A with Clare for those who purchased the course before  April 30th.

Each class is 2 hours.

This course is for you if:  

~ You long to move from resistance to action, from fear to love, from quiet to expressive, or from overwhelm and apathy into activism and creativity

~ You are looking at the state of the world and desperately want to do something but feel held back or have no idea what to do

~ If you’re exhausted from trying to break through your own fears or resistance and need to find a different source of energy and hope

The tools offered here can be used in any setting or circumstance because they support emotional resilience and personal clarity.

The Courage to Shine is created and framed primarily for women, but the tools are relevant for all. The course is open to all genders.



What does this course cost, what do I get and how many trees will I plant?


The course is structured around four in-depth calls/webinars that give you the context, concepts, tools and deeper experiential dives. The live calls are at 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern and 7pm UK time. If you cannot attend live, the call recordings will be housed and accessible to you ongoingly within the on-line community.

On top of the 4 webinars, you will also receive:

~ An online community where you can share the journey

~ Call recordings for those who could not attend live

~ Simple inspirations and journal prompts to help you digest the concepts

~ Extra audio tools offering shorter practices for ongoing use

~ Extra gifts to help turn inner keys

TreeSisters offers three payment options to ensure that you are able to participate.

Radical Generosity -  £160/US$200 - this helps support a low income sister to participate in the course, and you will also be funding the planting of 120 mangrove trees

 Gratitude - £130/US$162 - thanks to you 100 mangrove trees with be funded

 Embrace - £80/US$100 (low income) - you will be funding the planting of 62 mangrove trees


Read our Cancellation Policy here.

Here is what participants had to say about The Courage to Shine: 

"There really are not words to express my feelings of gratitude for this precious gift of 21 days of alchemy and beauty. This is the beginning yes; I feel so different.. really there are no words for what I feel except. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" ~ Angelique, Netherlands

"Life is telling me what I needed to hear right at this moment. Acceptence, trust and joy... the great allowing. I can breathe a little deeper, love a little deeper and I feel like I've had a taste of something that I need more of... true nourishment." ~ Lisa, Australia

"This was facilitated with such beauty, vunerability and strength, holding the beacon of light to illuminate the way for us and our ancestors to step into truth." ~ Anneli, UK

"I had no idea that virtual courses could be this powerful. I'm still amazed. I will look back and say that this course was when my life changed." ~JoJo, Toronto

Course Content

The Ultimate Embrace - 13th May 

This call provides the context for everything that we explore over the 21 days. It is an exploration of wholeness and choice, radical love and self acceptance in the face of self rejection and cultural conditioning. Using metaphor and story we will look at how we can use our minds to liberate our life force and consciously evolve.  


~ The perspectives offered here can bring new energy into the system.

~ There is the potential for an inner reset and sense of personal empowerment through increased trust and intimacy with life, self acceptance, and relief.  

~ This will prepare us for what comes next, provide the foundations of shared understanding and give us our first alchemical tools.

Practicing Alchemy - 20th May

This is a deep drop into alchemical practice, a step by step guided process to help you understand how to bring the tools and perspectives into practice. This will ‘practicalise’ everything that we explored in the first call and make it real. You can go as far and as deep as you feel ready for. It's not about pushing, it is about allowing.  


~ Practice within a strong, held energy field.  

~ Feel for your limits, flex new muscles and discover what it means to transform old patterns into vibrancy.

~ You will get a recording of the process and several shorter audio tools to work with in an ongoing way.

Freefall, Default Settings, Unliving the Lie - 27th May

Part theory and sharing, part collective alchemical practice, we explore the practical realities of claiming our own liberation. How to move beyond conditioning, handle the dissolving of old internal structures and work constructively with the pull back to familiar, limiting, ‘safe old known’ ways of being and doing. We work directly with the inherited ‘stains’ or false belief systems that limit us.  


~ Getting real about the impacts of deep inner work.

~ Powerful perspectives that can loosen our patterns and hooks.  

~ Deep drop alchemy session to practice for the following ceremony.

Reclaiming the Throne - 3rd June

This session includes our closing ceremony which is a powerful call to the universe to work with us as we honour the truth of ourselves and shed the generational lies that dim our light. We will seek to alchemise the stains of the burning times, and wider feminine persecutions that are residual in our DNA and collectively lift the lid on our own life force. It’s time to reclaim the throne of our own authority and live the lives that we were born to live.  


~ Ceremony done collectively is significantly more powerful tham ceremony done alone - especially virtually. Together, we have way more power to alchemise and liberate stuck energy, especially the collectively held conditioning that holds us back.

~ A transformational process to return to again and again.

~ A shared experience that heals, bonds us and instills hope.


About your facilitator Clare Dubois


Your course facilitator Clare Dubois is the founder of - a women led culture shift and reforestation organisation supporting feminine emergence. She is an Earth-loving social entrepreneur and inspirational speaker with two decades experience coaching business leaders and creating behaviour change processes within the personal growth sector. In her own life, her aim is to reclaim balance, to revel in freedom and health and to be 'walking permission' for those who are fed up of being held back, and just want to have a go.

Clare is known for her direct, catalytic energy; her whole systems approach to behaviour change and her unending loyalty and love for the natural world.  In her own life, her aim is to reclaim balance, rediscover freedom and health and to be 'walking permission' for those who are fed up of being held back, and just want to have a go.