Deep dives, dances and ceremonies

Deep divesdancesceremonies

Here you will find of our deeper dives – the ones that you choose when you want a serious hit of feminine energy or Nature’s fullness, of ceremony, dance or deeper enquiry into TreeSisters. These are all practices that can be done solo or in circle. We recommend that all of them are done with sufficient personal time afterwards, to be able to absorb the journey and integrate its gifts. Enjoy!

Wild One

I feel you,

As the dawn breaks

And the false floor and tight smile

Give way to grit, grief and remembering,

That deep, fluid, undulating pulse,

That nectar heart, that moist knowing,

That sweet longing and clarity so bright

They blind you to that safe known shape

And memory,

Of appropriate ‘She’


Wild One

I need you

Ready to shed your fear and thrive,

Ready to feel incandescently alive

Uncensored majesty of womankind

Embodying the grace of the sensually sublime

Receiver of nature’s subtle melodies

Vivid, ageless, honest and free

I stand for you, and you stand for me

The redefined expression

Of appropriate ‘She’


- Clare Dubois

Deep Dives

The Heartbeat of Mother Earth Summit: Rewilding Women, Restoring Earth

Clare shares her wisdom in The Heartbeat of Mother Earth Summita global online event hosted by Jocelyn Mercado, founder of Sacred Planet. The Summit showcased 36 experts (scientists, shamans, mystics, psychologists, and more) who offer their wisdom, research, and personal expertise.

This is a very personal interview exploring some huge topics. Why have women been tamed? How can we step back into wildness? What inspired you to do TreeSisters…this question was an interesting one to drill down into why we stop ourselves from picking up and living into ideas and dreams that we have. There was a strong leaning into how we as women can support each other to lean into our gifts and how these very times that we live in are a powerful call to explore the more that we each are. You will have much to think about after watching and listening to this conversation, alongside a free gift and an invitation that we hope will seed a new possibility into your heart. Enjoy.

“Clare Dubois’ exercise gives us a profound way to experience and become fully conscious of the patriarchal imbalance of our society that we have normalized — a suppression of the feminine that threatens life on this planet. I wish everyone would do this exercise and recognize the absolute necessity of re-balancing our world.” ~ M. Frothingham

“I completely agree about it being a vibrational Universe! So I must be vibrating at a really high level to have attracted such a wonderful experience and to be in the company of such wise and beautiful women ! ALL of you …but special mention to Clare and Jocelyn!” - Monique

“As a solo parent my personal balance is crucial. I just came back from a weekend transformational breathing and embodiment I returned balanced and energy activated. Do whatever it takes to nurture your own soul.” - Wen

“This was powerful and profound. A million thanks!” - Barbara Techel 

The Creatress

The Creatress is the aspect of ourselves that can birth new worlds. She is the place of pure potential within us all that can rebirth ourselves anew every month – or in every moment. When we can let go of enough of our limited perceptions of Self to touch Her – and then when we bring ourselves together – we become a living gateway for a feminine potency that is literally limitless. 

 This is a call to all women who want to experience the mystery of themselves as a portal to power – through conscious connection to the creativity of the universe. We gather in circle and let go of all that is ready to be set aside, as we call forth the more that we are.

 The experience is fully guided – gentle, relaxing, an emersion into togetherness, an expansion into more, and a profound visioning and calling forth of a reforested world through the Nature-based leadership of women.

 You are invited to step into this circle of pure potential – and call those that you love to step in alongside you. 

Walking the Map


This is a 90 minute deep drop and experiential embodied journey around the Map of 5 Choices that underpins every aspect of the TreeSisters.

Doing this process can change your whole perception of life – linking the feminine principle to both climate change and its healing, and will certainly deepen your experience and understanding of TreeSisters. It’s like sowing a seed into your body and heart that is designed to generate more soul based creativity and feminine wisdom. 

You will need five cushions laid out in a circle so that when you lie down like a star fish, your hands, feet and head are each on a cushion. We invite you to sit back, turn off your phone and discover…
Wow. Just wow. This just joined dots for me that will probably change the way I experience my whole life. I’m still stunned!’ - Gabriel, Dublin



Sistering is a fundamental root practice within TreeSisters as an organisation. It is a practice we return to again and again and we offer it to you with a full heart.

 This meditation is a chance to dissolve some of the walls that separate women, so that we can access more shared strength, trust and support. What we’re capable of together is limitless – if we can connect fully, first.

 We begin with a wonderful Sistering discussion. To start directly with the meditation, go to 5:50mins in. You will then be guided through a process of opening, exploring and allowing that may change your life.

 ‘I have to share that in my 61 year old body, having listened to so many meditations in my life, I have never felt one so deeply, so profoundly, and so deeply primordial. I am so sorry I did not know about this group sooner! This is a coming home after walking through the desert. Thank you from the deepest recesses of my being!’ - Akasa
Blissful, connected, relaxed, such a beautiful compassionate (and sometimes stormy place), thank you Clare!’ - Pollyanna

1000 Goddesses


There is a Tibetan Myth that when 1000 Goddesses gather, the Divine Feminine will be rebirthed through their combined energies.
We don’t believe this is a myth – we think it is a call to all women, to wake up to who and what we are, and offer that in service to Life.

In this meditation we drop deeply into our bodies, to explore what is in the way of our ability to connect with each other and support each other. We open to the sacred within ourselves, within each other and the sacred within life ~ to be in communion with Life.

 ‘That was some journey! I wanted all my friends there with me. Now I get to share this with them. Thank you.’ - Jenny A


Your Guide

Your facilitator is TreeSisters Founder Clare Dubois – 25 years a committed dancer and experimentress of embodied movement as a pathway to personal power. Together anything becomes possible! We hope you’ll join us for the Dance into Power

Thank-you for this. I can feel the strength and joy of the Divine Feminine alive in us and supporting us together.” ~ Joan, Bayside

Clare… you are the glorious spirit of our beautiful Mother, the singing sea, the giving earth, the joy of the wind, the power of the fire . You are speaking her words. Together you will take your vision to reality. I finally, finally have hope.” - Anonymous

We are the pollinators!” - Anonymous

I can live in my own power, take more responsibility for Mother Earth, walk with pride, stay with my sensuality and bliss, accept more reality, and honour Gaia fervently.” - Emma, Ireland

 “These words we have heard this morning are inspired. I FEEL the other sisters beside me, I feel them holding to the ground. I am ready to share the power, fire that I let move up my legs. I ready, for the first time in my lift to let my power move into the world. I could never have done it alone. I didn’t need to.” - Anonymous


Sap Rising 


Sap Rising is a slow, sensual unwinding of tension, a breath based deepening and a spiral flow of connection to Earth energy. This is a way of clearing your system, opening to receive supportive, alive energy and feeling your way into the expression of your life force – much like a fully blossoming tree.

 This is a wonderful preparation for the Dance of Power.

 ‘I LOVE feeling like this. I didn’t want it to end. I know I’ll use this again and again.’ - Marsha

Dance of Power


The Dance into Power is a profound initiation and seeding of the sacred geometry at the heart and soul of TreeSisters into our bodies – as a way to activate the more that we are, and unleash it into our lives.

You will be guided into a state of deep relaxation from which to listen for the deeper river that connects us all. From there we will let our bodies lead us as we move through five gateways of activation – sisterhood and togetherness – deep Nature connectedness – responsiveness – the uniqueness of our own hearts offering in courage – and our willingness to face and feel the truth of ourselves.

This can be either a standing dance or an unfurling movement arising from sitting or lying down. Your body will know.

You will then be invited into a journal based exploration as we sit in circle and invite TreeSisters herself to guide and inform us around the growth of this global sisterhood into fullest vibrancy on behalf of the trees.

The Dancing TreeSister


This is a journey of movement around the TreeSisters map, which you can learn about here if you’re interested. You will be guided through a movement meditation that rises like a wave into full thrashing dance and then back into stillness.

If you like to dance – then let this dance take you wherever it wants to go. Just let go!
WILD! This was WILD! Oh my god I loved it …” - Jayshree


The TreeRing Invocation


This is a call for everyone who longs to see TreeSisters realise Her full potential. In ceremony, we step into a process of dropping our individuality in order to become a gateway to a larger energy and possibility.

In this meditation we become the realisation of the vision and from that place start calling for those that we need to step in, in order to achieve that.

We become a living invitation – ring after ring of sisters in circle embodying the mission and calling forth its manifestation.

Entering the mystery together is powerful feminine alchemy. The unknown is the birthplace of everything. This meditation is relaxing, clarifying, powerful and illuminating.
I was right there, in that glade with everyone. Every moment was so clear. I can still feel it. Wow, what we can create together…” - Jane, Boston

 “I had no idea that you could do ceremony virtually! It was seriously powerful – we were so together. Astonishing.” - Leslie C

Thank you so much for exploring these meditations. 

We hope they wove you into deeper connection with yourself, with your sisters and with the natural world that lives and breathes us all.

If you’d like to continue the journey, we invite you to join our circle of global sisterhood live each Full Moon. Our moon calls are an invitation to embody all that you are as a woman of the Earth. Gather with our global circle of sisterhood each full moon to relax into nurturing Nature connection together. Come join us…


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