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Created by the wonderful Jenny Rose Smith, our former Grove Mama, these calls are now available for you to download and share with your Grove either in-person or online. Each month we feature a different topic that will help inspire, inform and nourish your connection to yourself, your Grove and our planet. Our first offering is part one of a three part series called, The Emotional Body.

These materials are deep and rich and will likely stimulate conversations and reflections within your Grove. We would love you to bring those conversations into the Grove Tenders group in our online community, the Nest.

TreeSisters has always been about giving back to Nature with everything that we do, and living in reciprocity with the planet that has given us everything. 

We invite you to make a voluntary donation that will support the reforestation of our world and enable us to continue to provide inspirational, regenerative and nourishing materials like these. If you are not in a position to donate at this time, we would still love you to download these materials and use them within your Grove.



Collaboration Within Sisterhood

This month, we’ll sit with the theme of ‘collaboration within sisterhood’: the essential invitation to stand stronger together, and we’ll journey through an exploration of what that might look and feel like for each of us.

We’ll start with a nourishing meditation, followed by a journaling process exploring:
The innate relational qualities of the feminine; how we might reach directly from our heart to the hearts of others; what a healthy version of collaboration within sisterhood might include; and how Nature can support us to deepen into a healthy practice of collaboration.

Click here to get a downloadable PDF Transcript of this guide! Transcripts are great to use to help you prepare for your Grove discussion. You can highlight portions that stand out for you and journal around the feelings that come up.

To download the call, click on the downward arrow in the top right corner of the audio box.

 All of the recordings will remain available as an expanding library for you to return to at any time. We hope these materials help to deepen your connections and nourish your Grove Circles. Thank you!

Participants share thoughts for Collaboration Within Sisterhood

I am restarting my Grove in a new space this coming Saturday. I feel collaboration is one of our most beautiful growing edges. To me our co-creative potential is what we need to tap into in this challenging times. I am really enjoying holding space for our co-creative projects in the Nest. Much love to all xxx- Kathleen

Thank you for this today! I need the self-care time, and this is such a sweet gift for me. -  Shiila

I have experienced healthy collaboration within circles of sisters who honor the principles of deep listening. It is over time in such circles that I have come to realize that this model is basic to female leadership. Then, the murmuration of the starlings is a model for next steps. There is a central whole all moving toward the good, respect, with all while knowing that individual emergence is part of the whole. I would say lots of sharing, deep listening, and then watch for what emerges either for the group or/and for each individual. There are those of our sisters who have held the great value of relationship shown in nature.
- Sharon


Last month's material


In this call we’ll lean into the medicine that Nature gifts us with, her cycles, seasons and different faces; and we’ll explore how we too can bring those teachings through us in our feminine Nature-based leadership.

We’ll start with a meditation and then journey into an experiential exploration of how our own nature is fused with the same energies as the wider nature of which we are intrinsically part of.

Turning towards our
Feminine Nature-based Leadership