For the next few weeks we will keep the conversation going with tribes and those working on behalf of the Amazon...

Please note due to the pandemic our July guests needed to cancel with short notice. They hope to come on in August. One of the indigenous groups that Thomas works with contracted the disease so please send positive intentions it does not spread and can be quickly contained.

Something different for our Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth series this month! We will share information about the indigenous needs of the Amazon from a variety of sources both indigenous residents as well as those helping the indigenous. Instead of offering one single call, we will share videos through email and here on our website. So please make sure you sign up to our list to receive them: Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth mailing list.

The Kuntanawa were featured on our call in June. They have sent a message of gratitude to our network for hearing thier message and wished to share the work they have been able to begin. They have sent us a  video update to share with everyone which you can watch below.

Tribal leader Haru Kuntanawa and members of the tribe featured in the Food Security update video.

You can still catch up on the original webinar:

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We have some new resources for you for the first call including this introductory video that you can share with others. It is 7 minutes in length and contains key comments by our speakers. 

You can still watch our Indigneous Voices on the Pandemic we held onJune 10th webinar here. You can also watch it and share the YouTube link from our TreeSisters channel here.

We will feature blogs and additional material for each of the speakers beginning with Jo Overton of Protect Native Elders. Please go to the new page to see these.





"As women we have an obligation to remind everyone that it is imperative that we have this closeness relationship with nature, not allowing ourselves to go a moment without realizing that we are part of the sacred elements." ~ Grandmother Flordemayo  


 "The most beautiful gift for the Earth is your thoughts." ~ Sylvie Decaillet

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“Through consciousness, our minds have the power to change our planet and ourselves.
It is time we heed the wisdom of the ancient indigenous people and channel
our consciousness and spirit to tend the garden and not destroy it."
~ Bruce Lipton


This series is a place for indigenous people to share their wisdom, their cultural heritage, their beliefs, and the challenges that they face. It is also for groups who work to help indigenous people to bring a voice to their needs and offer ways that you can get involved.

The purpose of the series is to open our hearts and minds to cultures who have treasured our planet and could share with us insights that we can use to become more connected with nature and each other. We hope that you will be inspired, informed and intrigued.

We hope you can join us for the beauty and wisdom that will come from these interviews.  

Photo by Mirek Jahoda

You are Invited..  

For 2020, our Indigenous Wisdom for the Earth series will move to a recorded call release.  On occasion we may still offer a live call. 

Everyone is welcome and the calls are free.  

Simply sign up to be on the email list and you will receive each month's guest by email so you can listen at any time. 

Thank you for being with us! 

Please explore our library of previous calls below. They include the call itself, a transcript and a blog excerpt.  

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Background photo of trees on water by Clare Dubois, CEO and Founder of TreeSisters