The TreeSisters
Feminine Awakening Series

Unlocking the Floodgates of Feminine Consciousness and Nature-Based Leadership

A Series of Intimate and Catalytic Conversations Featuring...

Chameli Ardagh, Nina Simons, Osprey Orielle Lake, Eve Ensler, Rachel Bagby, Atossa Soltani, sisters Barbara Marx Hubbard & Patricia Ellsberg, and Natalie Isaacs



Chameli Ardagh ~ Founder of the Awakening Women Institute

Nina Simons ~ Co-founder and Co-CEO of Bioneers

Osprey Orielle Lake ~ Executive Director of the Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network

Eve Ensler ~ Author of The Vagina Monologues and founder of 

Rachel Bagby ~ Author of Daughterhood, Singing Farm founder & voice healer

Atossa Soltani ~ Founder & Board President of Amazon Watch

Sisters Barbara Marx Hubbard & Patricia Ellsberg ~ Futurist, author and public speaker & Spiritual teacher and coach, respectively

Natalie Isaacs ~ Founder of One Million Women


Your Host:

Clare Dubois ~ Founder of TreeSisters






Together, we are inviting the co-creativity of women to rise like a tide on behalf of the trees.


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TreeSisters is Reforesting the Tropics Through Women’s Nature-Based Leadership 

We are calling the Grandmothers, Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Daughters
The wild women
The crones
The seers and midwives
The mountain and desert women
The soul summoners
The water carriers
The tenders and feelers of Earth
The ocean women who are rising the tide
The fire women who are ready to roar
The girls who already breathe consciously with the trees and the
Elders who choose to sing the song that ends the desecration of our world -
We are calling you to to rise together now -
You are invited - to unite and awaken to who and what you really are, on behalf of the forests,
on behalf of the trees, on behalf of Life.
- Clare Dubois

Imagine a reforestation revolution ignited by the shared creativity and courage of a global network of millions of women - and you are one of them. 

TreeSisters is radically accelerating tropical reforestation by engaging the unique feminine consciousness, gifts and leadership of women everywhere and focusing it towards re-robing the planet in green.

This series is part of our One Million Trees campaign, where we are calling for women to collectively fund 1 million trees per year - and then 1M trees per month - and then 1M trees per week and then 1M trees per day.


This is an invitation to join a global sisterhood around the bonfire of life.

The Feminine Awakening Series is for Women Who Long To... 

 Explore what can become possible when nature’s wisdom is channelled through the love and intelligence of the feminine

 Harness your feminine capacity to rebalance and restore our world

 Be inspired and supported by those who are walking profound paths of alchemy, healing and leadership on behalf of women, the Feminine,

 consciousness and nature  

 Be part of a women’s movement supporting a shift of human identity from a consumer species to a restorer species

 Discover how to to live as if people, the planet and all of nature’s miracles really matter

 Understand how we can support each other to move beyond our fears and into our innate magnificence as women

 Be a stand for the emergent Feminine as She rises through all of us, calling us into our fullest, wild, raw expression and experience of Self on

 behalf of nature 

What Could Be More Needed than Millions of Women Offering Our Gifts in Service to the One Who Mothers Us All?

It’s 3.23 in the morning
and I’m awake
because my dreams
won’t let me sleep
my great great grand children
ask me in dreams
what did you do while the planet was plundered?
what did you do when the earth was unraveling?
surely you did something
when the seasons started failing?
as the mammals, reptiles, birds were all dying?
did you fill the streets with protest
when democracy was stolen?
what did you do once you knew?


~ Drew Dellinger 


I am ready to simply stand and raise my voice on behalf of the feminine as She rises through us all - and on behalf of the fragile forested fabric of life that breathes us all:

Join Today!

We would love to include you on our mailing list and send you our newsletter and information about our charity, events and impacts. If your email box feels like it is getting too full you can unsubscribe at any time. You can find information on how we use your data and our privacy policy here.


I am a TreeSister because...

"I am a TreeSister because I believe the trees really are my sisters. The work of TreeSisters opens my heart into hopefulness. We live in a time when compassionate feminine values must guide our actions on planet Earth... when women who see the sanctity of life and the great needs for healing must stand together in loving solidarity with one another and the natural world. Through its work to plant trees, acknowledge trees, empower women, and acknowledge women’s wisdom and abilities, TreeSisters is playing a pivotal role." 
- Chara Armon

"I am a Tree Sister because I love this Earth. Before TreeSisters I was tired of witnessing the destruction of the magnificent planet and home we’ve be given, that sustains us and gives us life. I was tired of watching trees being systemically clear cut all over the world, including right here in my own local neighborhood... And I was tired of feeling helpless, hopeless, and most truly like there was nothing I could do... Today I feel inspired, empowered and joyful to be part of the TreeSisters community. Gone is the fear, the hopelessness, the helplessness I once felt. In its place lives excitement, awe and deep connection to my feminine soul and the feminine soul of the world. Through TreeSister’s monthly online gatherings and teachings, I can see that the potential to expand this work and movement into local areas as well, to reforest our earth and also our fierce and feminine hearts, is limitless and profound."
- Alexa Major 


"I am a TreeSister because I understand that if the forests of the world are to survive, then I need to learn how to live fully as a woman... With TreeSisters, we are relearning the language of leaf and bark. We are seeing what it is to stand strong, roots entwined, in the way of the ancient ones. We are not just planting forests; we are rising as forests."
- Mary Reynolds Thompson, TreeSisters instructor