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How do I let go?
How can I trust anything to hold me if I do?
Who would I be without all that I know?
Who would I be without all that I’ve told myself life after life?
Who would I be if I gave myself up to not knowing and allowed my soul to step in and re-carve this creation called Me?
Could I do that?
Could I let go and know that from limited I could become limitless?
That from thinking I know, I could burst into a multiverse of pure potential
A script yet written
Clay yet formed and fired
Night sky awakening into sunrise
All new, all curious, all alive
If only, I let go…
by Clare Dubois


Every full moon, TreeSisters’ Founder Clare Dubois guides a virtual circle of hundreds of women through deeply meditative journeys into togetherness. These free events are our invitation to you to embody all that you are as a woman of the Earth. In this four part full moon series, we will practice the art of letting go. 

What people are saying

I am still crying, but that’s ok. I feel as if I am coming alive after being asleep for several years. Thank you for waking me up.” - Petra M

I am Nature…Nature is in me…I am as free as the air…not confined to the boxes of body or society…I am free with light and soul arriving way before my body does…I am Nature and Nature is me…tears flow with this freedom and my heart is light and open…I will walk from here!” - Sharon W

Thank you for acknowledging us down in the southern hem. This allowed for me to feel connected to the process and all the women around the globe!” - Michelle

The feeling of connection with with so many woman all around the world is very deep and profound for me. Weeping and feeling, becoming first the sea and then a tree. trying to feel safe enough to open my heart to my husband, and friends, clients, all the woman of the treesisters. Thank you for your giving!!!” - Fijke



Letting Go to Allow

Letting Go to Allow is an opportunity to feel supported and safe enough to feel what is ready to be released in our lives and to allow the mystery to help recraft our fullest expression of Self.

This is a very autumnal and winter practice. Letting go is a muscle that all of us need to grow in our lives – and as women, it is something that Nature invites every month as the moon wanes or as we drop towards the bleed.

This is a deep drop into sisterhood and then into Nature connectedness from where we drop and drop through layers of resistance, to find the more essential river of our own beingness. This is a gentle path of allowing so that we do not have to try to control anything – simply surrender to the experience of being lived by the immensity of our own souls and the unfolding of our own lives when we can stop holding on, or hanging on to things that hold us in a safe small shape that is less than we are born to be.

Letting Go to Love

This call builds on Letting Go to Allow – as we explore the edges of surrender and allow our greater selves and Nature’s fullness to invite us more deeply into realms of ourselves that flow with and trust life more easily.

Letting go into Love takes us another step deeper into the capacity of our own hearts to alchemise our fears and connect us to the collective love of the universe.





Letting Go to Grow

As we build the muscles of connecting to our hearts as gateways into the immensity of ourselves as part of creation, we can start to turn our attention to what is ready to grow.

This may well still be latent and below ground, but conscious nurture and attention to what our souls hold ready for us can serve the steady emergence of new shoots into the landscapes of our lives.

Letting Go to Flow

Letting Go to Flow is the fourth and final of the Letting Go Series. Where we started with Letting Go to Allow, then to Love, then to Grow, we are now exploring our letting go within the growing process. How is it for us to let life in, to let life open us and form us and direct us and then move us into a state of flow and grace?

This series is deep. The journeys take us through important territories of surrender in ways that are relaxing and gentle, into our own hearts and into communion with nature around us. This is a step by step, fully guided letting go process that you can return to again and again. Letting Go into Flow is an invitation into pleasure and intimacy with yourself as life. Let’s see how to move into our own flows…