Moments to Nourish

A moment of reflection to nourish you.


February 2023 - Harmonising with Kindness

These meditations are designed to bring stillness and nourishment to your day. When we take the time to nourish ourselves, we have more space to turn up for others, including our planet and the natural world. They are short, sweet, downloadable and all yours. It's our way of letting you know how much your support of our mission matters. 

This 10-minute meditation invites you to be present with stillness and tap into your experiences of kindness. Invoking nature and our natural world, this meditation encourages you to pause in your day and explore how you can harmonise with compassion and kindness. Allowing you to tune into and bring that feeling with you in all of your daily interactions.

You can also visit our SoundCloud for all of our TreeSisters' Moments to Nourish meditations. 

We also have an entire back catalogue of nature-based meditations in our library to reconnect and recentre you. You can browse the library here.


Gratitude for Moments to Nourish

"I just wished to whisper "thank you" for I am so attuned to the "lightness" in this Life and have never dared to speak of heart breathes it in well and cradles the love so deeply mingled within it..." ~ MP Franchette

"I LOVE being a treesister.  I feel good donating twice monthly. I love the World wide connection with you all~ through time and space.... all connected hearts to Heart and to EARTH.... I wanted to share especially to Clare that this was the most amazing gift you sent me today for my donor-thank you.... I am savoring. Merci." ~Sara MALIK Sharani

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