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Where trees breathe

New life is born

Where each branch reaches out to me

I know myself held in the arms

of purest generosity

Where the leaves fall

I am blessed with a giving back

that nourishes the roots of my soul

For the trees reflect who and how I can be

Standing tall, true, honest and undeniably me

Unafraid to love, to give, to share and to bend

So I bless the forests

As I learn from them

- by Clare Dubois




Prayer for the Forests Meditation

In this meditative journey we will consciously merge with the living intelligence of the forest floor. We will become the root system of the forest, weaving our roots together, trusting energetically that we can open to the combined consciousness of all the women gathered in the circle.
In this togetherness, we will listen for our prayer for the forests of the world. We will visualise it’s full manifestation, and in doing so, we will consciously call forth and invoke a movement for the forests and the feminine and see it rolling through the mountains, rivers and oceans, rippling as a huge wave of love for the planet.
What becomes possible when millions of women remember who and what we really are – and then direct that collectively towards the greening of our world?

We want to find out.