Selection of our Favourite Meditations


Let the trees bathe your breath
Let the meadows embrace you
Let the mountains and the bees remind you
Let the sky flood in and allow the clouds to guide you.
Let your undoing be as total
As your becoming is beautiful –
And when the living world has climbed inside
Enough for you to feel four legs, scales and wings.
May you finally know yourself alive as all things –
Indivisible and responsible
Reborn into wholeness
Natural, Sacred and Wild
~ From Your Planetary Self, by Clare Dubois

Short Meditations (under 30 minutes)


Daily Self Nurture Practice

This is a super simple 6 minute practice to draw Nature’s increasing light to the parts of us that we long to grow and nourish. Enjoy!

“I haven’t enjoyed a meditation this much for many months…this was totally lovely.” ~ Katherine, Canada

The Inner Tree Meditation

This is a simple, effective, 6 minute grounding practice that can support you in any moment to feel stronger, more nature connected, more present, confident and alive. We invite you to try it every day for a week, and see how different you feel.
“This meditation has had such an immediate change of my state. I now use this every day…” - Beth, Costa Rica



Blossoming Confidence

If you need a short burst of natural support to boost your energies and your capacity to stand up straight and face the world, then this 6 minute mini practice is for you.


“I feel strong! This changes my state sooo fast.” - Lucy

Becoming and Belonging to Nature

This is a process to help you feel woven into all life, supported, nurtured, witnessed and not alone. You can return to this 8 minute meditation again and again when you start to slip into your head or out of connection.
“Thank you!! I want to live like this always – in connection. Amazing how fast I can lose it, but how fast I can step back into connection again.” ~ Beathy



The Healing Tree

If you are struggling in any way – emotionally, physically or psychologically, then this 11 minute healing meditation is designed to bring you comfort and relief. You never know how close you are to support, until you ask and then open to receive…
“I just cried and then I rested more deeply than I have in an age. This is my new go to place. I just love it.” - Patty, South Africa

Deepening into Presence

Are you passionate about reclaiming your feminine nature as well as the restoration of our ecology? If you said yes, then this short 13 minute meditation is for you.
“What a relief to be guided to effortlessly into connection with myself again…” - Sophie, USA


Longer Meditations (over 30 minutes)


Earth Day Prayer for the Forests

April 2017
In this collective out-pouring of love and connection for the forests and the feminine, TreeSisters founder Clare will guide you in an immersive, catalytic journey into your interconnection with each other as a global sisterhood and to Life itself.

When we consciously gather with a shared intention, our togetherness becomes a gateway for radically new possibilities. And new possibilities are needed on this precious planet of ours.

Letting Go

Nature is the greatest teacher, and when we lean into Her, we can learn effortlessly. This 50 minute meditation is a deep and soulful allowing of what is ready to fall away and be dropped like leaves, so that we can make space for what is latently germinating and clarifying within us. So much can be gained from bringing this process into greater consciousness so that we can face and feel what is ready to go. We will do this through an emergent process of allowing what is ready to inform us. It will be gentle, relaxing, nourishing and yours. You may want your journal so that you can capture the moments that we create together.

‘I was not expecting to go where I went with this! I guess that sometimes we think we know what is ready to go, and then life tells us something else…’ - Marsha, Detroit
‘I started one place, and came out completely different! Wow!’ - Angie, Devon


Roots and Sky

How intimate can it feel to become the Earth and then open to the sky? We’re going to find out.

If TreeSisters is about helping to nourish women so that they feel filled up, connected and more ready to step into their fullness, then this is a prime example of our offerings, and one that you might want to return to again and again to top up.
This is a deep meditative drop into the earthy roots of ourselves to fully receive energy and guidance from below – before opening to do the same from above – from sky and from spirit , to balance above and below, feminine and masculine, matter and energy, inner and outer.
‘Soooo strong. I LOVED this.’ - Jamie, Kansas
‘I want to be a tree! I want to always feel like this. Now at least I know what it feels like.’ - Ann, South Africa


How often do we really reflect – really relax into the reality of what we have lived through – take on board the gifts and fully integrate them?
The process of becoming present to everything that life has gifted us (whether we interpreted our experiences as staggering learning curves, swamps, breathtaking bliss or anything in between!) gives our whole system the opportunity to re-calibrate, incorporate more fully, accept and then become nourished by them.
Autumn guides us into reflection and integration. As the fruits and leaves fall and become part of the soil again, so our life experiences if truly received can become a more conscious part of us and contribute to the nourishment of everything newly seeded at this time as we sift for what we long for and want more of in the months to come…
This call will be potent, relaxing, reflective, honouring of ourselves, compassionate and deeply nourishing. This is a moment to seed and nourish what lies ahead, by embracing what has come before.
‘Thank you for guiding us so gently into a state of acceptance and allowing. My body feels bathed in gentleness.’ - Sally, Winterborn



Nature Bliss

This is an opportunity to drop into a deeper level of receptivity – to receive more energy and support from nature and from your internal realms. This is about opening to receive all the light, warmth and beauty needed to hold us through the darker times – winter or simply times of struggle. 

This meditation is very body based and very bliss based – a seeking for pleasure in nature to resource and fill us up – a strengthening of our listening through the physical so that we can be guided into nourishment. I suggest you find a way to move towards pleasure and comfort before starting this meditation. Enjoy.
‘Seriously pleasurable, I really didn’t want to come back.’ ~ Janice, USA
‘I needed this, I need to grow the muscles of receptivity and this was sooo helpful.’ - Yeshi, Germany


Reverence is a quality of being that every cell of our bodies deserves – but is seldom gifted. If you could regularly bathe your whole body in the reverence that you feel at the foot of the greatest tree, the top of the most wild waterfall, the newness of the most perfect baby, the heart-lift of the most exquisite melody – do you think it could serve your health and harmony?

For anyone struggling with self love, this is a must.
‘My favourite. Quite simply the one I come back to again and again. Thank you.’ - Sarah C
‘Wow, I needed this. I had no idea.’ - Stephie



Rebirth and Nurture

This is a way of feeling into what you are ready to let go of in your life that holds you back, and what is ready to be birthed and nurtured through you in support of your fullest self expression and vital life. If you need a change, a boost or a shift of gear then this is for you.

It is a whole process that needs to be fully engaged in, so turn off your phone and ensure that you won’t be interrupted for at least forty minutes. It will take you deep, and your state will be altered afterwards, so no leaping up to drive! Prepare to relax, to discover and to open.
‘I am stunned at how deep these take me, and what I learn every time I do them. Thank you.’ - Charlotte, Virginia


Drop into the warmth of ‘cherishing’ as a practice that nourishes, nurtures, restores and reconnects.

You will be guided into deep connection with your own self and body from which we will follow our intuition into relationship with elements of life that create the experience of cherishing or being cherished – a state of profound comfort, safety and love that can flood our bodies with well being.



Blossoming Tree

Blossoming Tree is an experiential journey into our own relationship with sharing ourselves, with beauty, with shining and allowing ourselves simply to feel our own softness without closing down or hardening up. This is tough for so many of us, but a muscle that can grow when holding hands and feeling safe in our own space.

This meditation is a doorway into the feeling world of deep feminine abundance and opening, and then the energies of sharing ourselves from that place.
Can we honor it in ourselves, and can we acknowledge and celebrate it in each other?
How does it feel to allow our own energies to be supported by the gloriously verdant and celebratory energies of spring?
‘Easier to feel beautiful in full blossom, and then somehow bring that back to myself.’ - June

Standing Tree

‘Standing Tree’ Meditation is a chance to fully embody the roots and branches of your body as direct receivers of earth and sky. It is potent, powerful, energizing and catalysing. The trees are calling us and this meditation is a way of embracing them within your heart and soul. We will learn from them directly, strengthening our bond with them as a source of energy, support and wisdom.

This meditation is intimacy with life in a very personal way. It can be done either sitting or standing and involves breath, spinal movement and the practice of split awareness above and below. You will be relaxed but energized, very grounded and expanded. We hope you’ll return to it again and again as a source of stillness, self confidence and connectedness.


Thank you so much for exploring these meditations. 

We hope they wove you into deeper connection with yourself, with your sisters and with the natural world that lives and breathes us all.

If you’d like to continue the journey, we invite you to join our circle of global sisterhood live each Full Moon. Our moon calls are an invitation to embody all that you are as a woman of the Earth. Gather with our global circle of sisterhood each full moon to relax into nurturing Nature connection together. Come join us…


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Here you will find many different practices and processes through which we hope that you can drop into increased nature connection for nourishment, renewal, rebalancing and for the sheer pleasure of it!
The short practices have been created for daily use. Many of the longer meditations are full moon recordings, but the gifts of the journeys are as relevant now as they were when they were first offered.
All these offerings are gifted to you, to help you feel woven into creation. Enjoy!