Weaving Women
Back into Matter

On International Women's Day 2020

"There is nothing more potent than women weaving their prayers together, sharing their stories."

~ Charlotte, quoted after a previous weaving event

Weaving Women Back into Matter
On International Women's Day 2020

On International Women’s Day 2020 (8th March) TreeSisters invites you to gather with your sisters and take part in the beautiful and creative act of Weaving yourselves Back Into Matter;  remembering that as women we matter, and are, in fact, the matter of our Mother Earth. 

To celebrate sisterhood around the world, we are inviting women to gather together and take part in one of two weaving activities. Each activity is offered as a nourishing inbreath event. They are simply and potently designed to heal the ancient wounds that exist within sisterhood, so that we can cherish our connections going forwards in deep connection to our Earth.

Activity One ~ Weaving A Plait

This activity allows you to create a traditional plait made from three threads. 

The threads can be made of anything you choose but we suggest using natural fibre and wool or natural yarn. When we weave these three threads together we dream into a wish, an intention, a prayer that we have and hold dear. This might be a wish for the Earth, ourselves, our families, our sisterhood, our connection to one another. The idea is to weave these three threads together and bring our longings and wishes into this activity ~ to be blessed by the elements of Nature.

For example, you may choose a thread for your family, for your sisters and for Mother Earth. The threads are woven together, creating a beautiful plait that connects all three of these elements together in beauty and intention.

Activity Two ~ Weaving A Macramé

This is one of the oldest art forms, and is characterised by creating decorative knots. For this activity, you will be selecting six threads.

As with activity one, each thread represents a wish or intention. This can be a wish for ourselves, our sisterhood, for Nature, for the Earth, your family. As we weave these threads together we will dream into the wish, intention, or prayer that we hold dear.

You don't need any previous experience in weaving to participate in either activity. We will help, support and encourage you through our online group and live videos calls with Azul to prepare for IWD on the 8th March 2020

We are asking treesisters around the world to gather in local groups and weave themselves back into matter.  You are invited to do this through groups that you may already host (such as a community group or TreeSisters Grove) or to form a group of women specifically for this event. 

Our grand vision for this project is to weave our way around the whole world! Imagine weaving ourselves and each other back together on such a scale that if we joined our woven belts together, we would create a world wide weft of connectedness. With your help, our aim is to keep a record and see how far around the world we can reach!

To help you prepare for your IWD gathering, you are invited into our online community, the Nest, where we have created a group specifically for discussion around this event. 

Azul-Valerié Thomé, founder and visionary of SOULand, will also host live video calls to walk you through all the steps of each activity and guide you with the preparations for your weaving and celebration of International Women’s Day.

“Such a beautiful day...so natural, simple, deep and healing. It feels like it was real medicine.  So beautiful to be tied around a tree, to have all contributed to our own belts and prayers.” ~ Helen

Join us on IWD 2020
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“I find in circle, crafting quietly with hands is very special, bridging ideas into reality.” ~ Amelia

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know anything about weaving to join in?

You don't need any previous experience in weaving to participate in either activity, we will help and encourage you in an online group and there will be a number of videos calls to prepare for IWD on the 8th March 2020

Where did the inspiration for Weaving Women back into Matter originate from?

Weaving Women Back Into Matter is a collaboration between TreeSisters and SOULand. SOULand is run by Azul-Valerié Thomé. Azul creates WomBelts which you can find out more about here

Do I need to be in a TreeSisters Grove to take part? 

No, you are invited to participate in this offering with a small group of women. This group of women does not need to be a TreeSisters Grove. It can be a community group, a family, a group of friends, a work group, an after school club etc. 

You can also participate in this activity on your own, weaving yourself back into matter with Nature surrounding you. 

Do I need any equipment to participate? 

You will only need to supply basic sewing equipment such as scissors and threads, as well as the weaving materials.

What is International Women’s Day and why does TreeSisters celebrate it? 

International Women’s Day is a global day designed to recognise and celebrate the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women. 

TreeSisters is a global reforestation charity that envisions a world where it is as normal to give back to Nature as it currently is to take. We have thousands of women in our network, planting millions of trees by donating as much as they can every month to fund the planting of trees. We focus on the creation of resources and experiences that empower women to step into their feminine Nature-based leadership, in support of humanity's identity shift from a consumer species to a restorer species.

We celebrate IWD each year by creating nourishing activities for our network to participate in; celebrating feminine connection to Nature and our Earth.