Women Flourishing

We’d love to share with you some of the many actions and activities of our flourishing global network. From tree planting in Kenya and Nepal, to singing and raising funds in Sweden, to our women’s circles - the Groves. Here you will find the stories of treesisters around the world; the ways that they are nourishing themselves and the restorative actions they are taking for the Earth. We hope that they will touch your heart and fire your imagination, and inspire your own actions on behalf of the trees and all life. For more stories from our network, please visit our blog

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Women Planting

Discover some of the women who tend the nurseries and plant the trees across our 8 tropical tree planting projects, and treesisters around the world who are planting in their communities. For more tree planting stories, visit the Tree Planting section of our blog.
How Women and Togetherness are ReRobing Mt Kenya in Green

The project especially places the women at the heart of the effort as the "green agents of change".

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Radical Impact in Khasi Hills, India - Interview with Marie-Noelle Keijzer, WeForest

"... I'm actually a mother who decided to do something about climate change. And actually trees are the best technology to stop global warming. So there's no question in my mind and my objective is to do that in my lifetime."

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Planting Trees & Saving Lives in Nepal

The women are strengthened, and can participate in the tree planting... they are involved in decision making activities, too, so they have positive and happy moments to get out of their home be part of the community. It also provides exposure to the outer world.

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Young Humans + Baby Trees = Hope

I went to the headmaster of my youngest son's primary school and said 'hey, what do you think about planting a rainforest and having some fun?" He's an enthusiastic chap and gave me a big YES.

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Women Together

A woman is a force of Nature. The only thing stronger is a group of women who have decided to do something together. Here we offer you a taste of what’s possible when we come together. For more like this, visit the Sisterhood and Groves sections of our blog.
Grove Tending as Feminine Nature-Based Leadership

"It was within my comfort zone to start the TreeSisters Five Rivers Grove in Dayton, Ohio USA about 11 months ago for my activist friends who were experiencing burnout."

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Singing Whilst Sistering

Asa had already envisioned a women's choir called Körpojecktet TRÅD (the choir Project Tree), that would sing for the trees, and it was through listening to the Groves launch that the idea of how to nourish the women deeply through the process started to seed in her.

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Weaving, Grieving, Love, Laughter & Song - a story about what’s possible when women gather

The truth is that, like everything in life, nothing is all beauty, all love or all marvellous. And that's completely OK, because the wounds that well up in the face of sisterhood are ready to be loved and transformed ...

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Stronger Together - Celebrating Earth Day with Sister Zeph

If we really want to change our world and bring back that natural environment, we have to focus on women.

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Women in Community

As women, we have incredible power to create change. One of the ways to do this is through the influence and impact we can have in our local communities. Here are a few stories about Groves (women’s circles) and fundraising to inspire you. For more like this, visit the Inspiring Sisters section of our blog.
The Girls of Avalon Grove Girls Lodge

"We are losing our youth, our girls to some modern day dangers of the online world, and consumerism. As well as reforesting the planet we need to dream in a new healthier culture, for the health of our youth" - Hannah Gwawr, Avalon Grove

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She Sings: International Women’s Day Fundraising

We're celebrating treesister and eco-heroine Liz Terry, who brought together a group of women called 'She Sings', a cross generational flashmob in the streets of Stroud on March 8th.

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A Community Screening of Call of the Forest: A Story to Get You Started

On September 29th 2018 a small group of Palmwoods (Queensland, Australia) folk got together to screen Call of the Forest for our community. We did this both to raise funds for the trees (via TreeSisters) and to bring the community together with an invitation to ... 

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The Story of Our Mandala Dancing Grove in Nova Scotia, Canada

Many of us live near this clear cutting and the challenge of hearing the trees being cut has been really extreme. TreeSisters has been a big part of my healing and our circles are a way of giving back, offering our love through the dances and planting saplings.

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