You are invited to build resilience on International Women’s Day

“As treesisters, resilience is our capacity to respond to change by accessing the support of our diverse global community, collaborating, adapting, and continuing to grow towards a thriving world, as Nature does.”

This year, to celebrate International Women’s Day on the 8th March 2021, TreeSisters will be digging into what has helped to shape and define us all. These times have highlighted the radical inequalities and injustices of a broken system that has created disconnection between human beings, Nature and the Earth.

Join us for 8 extraordinary days of resilience and discover the stories and voices of women from the TreeSisters community. Women who have explored how creative and collaborative communities learn to adapt, respond and regenerate when working with and listening to Nature.

Host your own circle on International Women’s Day

You’re invited to hold a resilience circle on and around the 8th of March. Invite your children and grandchildren, elders and neighbours, friends and family to join you… either in person or online, come together to share your stories and experiences, struggles and solutions and gather a collective medicine for our times.

Are you interested in finding out more and being supported in hosting your own circle? To be a part of this journey sign up and join us in the International Women’s Day group in our online community, the Nest. 

Sign up to hold a Resilience Circle

8 Days Of Resilience

From the 1st to the 8th of March 2021, we’ll be sharing intriguing, nurturing and interesting stories and resources from the TreeSisters team and network to showcase some of the many ways that Nature helps us to be resilient. Find them and share them through the TreeSisters social media.

View the events Here

And come join our own circle on International Women’s Day!

On the 8th March 2021, we invite you to join our online circle. hosted by Grove Managers Abi and Angharad. Together we will be celebrating women's resilience in a community circle.

This will be a chance to share stories, to come together, witness and be witnessed in our capacity to handle the unknown, change and adapt as life is calling us to. We see community as having an essential role in creating resilience. 

This call offers the opportunity to connect with other women in the TreeSisters network, be inspired and supported by each other’s stories and magnificence. Together we can harvest a medicine bag of tools and practices to continue our evolution as resilient women.

This circle will take place on Zoom on Monday March 8th 6.30pm - 8.30pm GMT / 10.30am -12.30pm PST / 12.30pm-2.30pm CST / 5.30am AEDT next day. Sign up for the Community Circle details.  


Sign me up to host my own Resilience Circle. I will also recieve the invitation to the Community Circle on 8 March. I can choose to do one or both activities!

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