2022 Celebrated International Women’s Day, with the theme, #breakthebias

Here at TreeSisters, we dare to imagine a world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination. A world that is diverse, sustainable, and equitable. A world where our current disconnect from the natural world is challenged. And a world where listening to the voice of nature, a voice that is key in turning the tides of disconnection and climate crisis to restorative collective change, is not only normalised but championed.  

TreeSisters counted down to International Women’s Day 2022 by offering short, daily conversations, personal tools, and sources of inspiration to empower you to explore and deepen your listening to the natural world, even if that is something totally new to you.

Celebrating International Women’s Day With 8 Days of Listening to Nature

Each day we released new material and held a live Zoom circle on International Women’s Day, 8th March 2022, the day may have passed but you can still access everything our offerings

Day 1:  Listen to TreeSisters Abi and Suzi in a short video as they discuss the earth as conscious and intelligent.
Day 2: Lauriane offers meditation and explains why TreeSisters are led by listening, in this audio recording.
Day 3: Teresa Gitonga of the International Tree Foundation (ITF) joins Madeleine to discuss trees as medicine and the relationship between people and the ecosystems around Mount Kenya.
Day 4: Journey into the forest floor with Ellie and Grove Tender Sharon in their video interview.
Day 5: We asked you to step away from the digital world and explore the natural world.
Day 6: Digital Detox continues
Day 7: TreeSisters Volunteer Ellen joins Clare-Marie to discuss the connection between landscape and humanity.
Day 8: On International Women’s Day 2022 we celebrated, meditated in a live circle for all.

TreeSisters celebrates International Women’s Day to #breakthebias and invigorate personal and collective action on behalf of the trees and the planet.

At TreeSisters, we take direct climate action through our reforestation and green cover work and champion a consciousness shift from a consumer to a restorative culture. Humanity needs behavioural change on a large scale to tackle the climate crisis and it is only with your help we can continue to do this work.  Donate to TreeSisters today and help us restore and reforest the Earth.