TreeSisters is counting down to International Women’s Day by offering daily conversations, personal tools, and sources of inspiration to empower you to explore and deepen your listening to the natural world, even if that is something totally new to you.

Day 4 ~ Journey into the Forest Floor

For Day 4 in our series we hear from Sharon Blomme, who is part of our network of TreeSisters Groves. Our Groves are circles of people who come together to nourish community connection and resilience, and turn this toward action on behalf of the trees. Sharon is the Co-Grove Tender of the Heal All Grove, a group who meet online monthly and hail from Canada, the US, and the UK. In this conversation with TreeSisters Grove and Volunteer Support, Ellie Herndlhofer, Sharon generously shares her own journey into listening to the natural world, and the ways that the plants and forest support her in her Grove Tending. 

This conversation also bridges us perfectly into our two day digital detox. This is where we pause from content and invite you to feel inspired by what you’ve heard, shed the distractions of the digital world, and lean into listening to nature in whatever way feels good for you.

We will be returning with more sharings from the network on Monday, when we will hear from one of our wonderful Heartwood Volunteers, Ellen, who will be giving us an insight into her connection to the natural world.

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