Welcome to our series of offerings for International Women’s Day 2022. 

TreeSisters is counting down to International Women’s Day by offering daily conversations, personal tools, and sources of inspiration to empower you to explore and deepen your listening to the natural world, even if that is something totally new to you. 

Day 1 ~ The Earth as Conscious and Intelligent

Opening this series, we join TreeSisters Groves Programme Manager, Abi Denyer-Bewick as she speaks to Education & Alliances, Suzi Steer, about what it means to acknowledge the earth as conscious and intelligent. 

In this 15-minute conversation, Suzi shares her experience of listening to nature as a pleasure practice and the joy of being enticed by beauty. We touch on how much the TreeSisters network has meant to her, and how having a community championing nature has been supportive in her own listening practice and in trusting what she is receiving.

We hope you enjoy this opening conversation and look forward to the other inspiring voices as we countdown to International Women’s Day 2022.

Join us tomorrow for Day 2 to hear about the importance of listening to nature and how it informs all of the work TreeSisters do. See you then.

Remember, we’d love you to share with us your own tools and inspiration for deepening your connection to our Earth with the hashtag #TreeSistersbreakthebias.

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