TreeSisters is counting down to International Women’s Day by offering daily conversations, personal tools, and sources of inspiration to empower you to explore and deepen your listening to the natural world, even if that is something totally new to you.

Day 2 ~ Led by Listening

At TreeSisters, we continuously seek to align our ways of working with nature’s principles so that all our work is in service to restoring a harmonious relationship with the Earth. Not just in what we do, but also in how we do it. 

Day 2 of this series, exploring what it means to #breakthebias examines how listening to the Earth, and living in relationship with its cycles, forms a key part of TreeSisters reforestation work. Help us continue this work.

In today’s recording we hear from TreeSisters Reforestation Programme Manager, Lauriane Cayet-Boisrobert, who explains why a listening-based approach has been instrumental in our green cover strategy. Lauriane goes on to discuss her experience of connecting with nature’s cycles and how the energy of rebirth has supported her journey at TreeSisters. This audio was recorded as part of 7 Days of Rest earlier this year and also includes a guided meditation.

We hope you are enjoying this series of recordings and conversations. Join us tomorrow to connect with Teresa Gitonga of International Tree Foundation (ITF) and hear about the relationship between people and the ecosystems around Mount Kenya. 

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