Celebrating International Women’s Day With 8 Days Of Resilience 

This year, to celebrate International Women’s Day, TreeSisters will be digging into what has helped to shape and define us all. From the 1st to the 8th March 2021, we will be sharing interesting, nurturing and thought-provoking stories and resources from the TreeSisters team and network to showcase some of the many ways that Nature helps us to be resilient.

Each day we will add new content for you to dive into, enjoy and share with your own network and within your own circles. Be sure to check back daily!

“As treesisters, resilience is our capacity to respond to change by accessing the support of our diverse global community, collaborating, adapting, and continuing to grow towards a thriving world, as Nature does.”

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Day 1 - March 1st

In conversation with

Judy Ling Wong

Watch Here

Day 2 - March 2nd

Ignite Youth Organization ~ Passionately Pursuing Purpose with Tadzie Madzima

Watch Here

Day 3 - March 3rd

Resilience ~ the stories and experiences of the TreeSisters Volunteer Community

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Day 4 - March 4th 

A Courageous Conversation about Resilience with BE Alink

Watch here

Day 5 - March 5th 

Resilience through Restoration in the Business Sector

Read HEre

Day 6 - March 6th

Listening and Co-creating with Nature’s Resilient HeART

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Day 7 - March 7th

Lessons From The Forest Floor

Listen Here

Day 8 - March 8th

An interview with Anastacia, women are the Backbone of Mt Kenya

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