Deepen and Discover

An opportunity to meet and explore with the TreeSisters team ~ Replay now available!

What a year! My goodness who could possibly have imagined it, yet here we all are still riding the waves and growing muscles we didn't know we’d need! Amidst it all, work has continued within TreeSisters as we’ve grown from 8 million to nearly 15 million trees funded this year. 

Thank you to all those who joined us live on the call. You can watch the replay here below.

In the call, we shared some of the goings on with you. We loved being together in community and feeling the togetherness that makes everything we try to do, possible. Also, we celebrated you! We couldn't do this without our amazing supporters, volunteers and network!

 During this Zoom call we… 

  • Experienced a Nature connection through a guided meditation led by Clare Dubois. This enabled us to deeply connect with each other, a sisterhood of caring women located around the world
  • Learned more about how TreeSisters has responded to the challenges of 2020 
  • Heard directly from the TreeSisters team about our reforestation projects, our work with other tree partner organisations and corporate partners
  • Dreamed into what is to come in 2021 and set positive intentions for TreeSisters and our global forest 

We ended with a Q&A session with Clare Dubois and the TreeSisters Team. We had more questions than time so we will add those as soon as possible!