Sing For The Trees

On Earth Day 2020

Sing For The Trees Coordinator
Terms and Conditions


1. If you provide photographs or videos taken during your Sing for the Trees activity to TreeSisters, you agree that these may be used by TreeSisters for commercial and/or fundraising purposes. By sending these to us, you are also confirming that anyone featuring prominently in the photograph or video is aged 16 or over, and that they have consented to their image being used in this way.  


1. You accept that any risks arising out of your Sing for the Trees activity are your responsibility, including liability for any injury or loss which may occur to you, your helpers or guests. You will therefore take all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of all those participating in, involved with or attending your activity.  

2. You will comply with any applicable laws and regulations relating to your Sing for the Trees activity, including obtaining any necessary licenses, consents or permissions e.g. if you are holding a raffle or lottery, or are proposing to sell alcohol. 

3. You acknowledge and accept that TreeSisters insurance policy will not cover your sing for the trees activity or any associated  fundraising activities.

4. You will not do anything that threatens TreeSisters reputation or name. If you do, TreeSisters has the right to ask you to stop your Sing for the Trees activity immediately.

Registering Your Event 

Please ensure that you register your event with us, read and agree to our terms and conditions.  

Legal Rules for Fundraisers  

Make sure your fundraising stays legal. Please see our guidelines. 

Street collection guidelines and regulations

TreeSisters does not currently have the capacity to offer collection tins and we do not currently encourage street collections.

Raffle Guidelines

Holding a raffle is a great way to increase donations from your event but please check the local regulations for your country/state or territory before holding a raffle.

Under 18s – legal guidelines

If you are under 18 and holding a fundraising event, there are certain things that you will need help with. You should always ask an adult to help you with your fundraising to make sure you are safe.  There are some things that you cannot do if you do not have an adult to help you. 

Need more help?

If you are unsure or need more help then please contact us at with event question as your email title.