Sing For The Trees

On Earth Day 2020

"I am so happy I found the courage to stand up in this way and host such an event." ~ Ursula, Sing For The Trees participant 

Sing For The Trees on Earth Day 2020

During the week of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day (22nd April 2020), treesisters all around the world are gathering to Sing for the Trees!

Do you love to sing? Love bringing people together? And do you love the trees? Then this is for you! In the week of Earth Day, treesisters will be gathering in their local parks, forests and gardens to join hands, drum, dance, laugh and Sing for the Trees.

This year Sing for the Trees is a fundraiser for the global tropical forests. We’re doing this to raise awareness of the importance of the world’s trees to our survival, and to raise funds to plant tropical trees and restore our forests.

This activity honours our connection to Nature, each other and the trees by singing to, for and with the trees. It will be a beautiful, nourishing and connecting activity to participate in.

How Do I Get Involved?

We have lots of wonderful support and resources to help you coordinate a Sing for the Trees event in your community. That includes the wisdom, guidance and loving help of eco-heroine and singer/songwriter Liz Terry, who will be offering live support calls to help you facilitate the singing side of things, as well as being present in our online community, the Nest, to help you with any questions you might have. We also have a full Coordinator Kit that includes everything you need to run your Sing for the Trees event, from suggested songs, to press releases and more. 

  • First, choose how you would like to be involved ... do you want to create a big event for your community, or sing with friends? family? a community group? a local school? 
  • Then have a read through our Sing For The Trees Terms and Conditions 
  • Next up, sign up to access the Coordinator Kit and we'll also welcome you by email with all the information you may need! 
  • Finally, join us in our online community, the Nest, where you will find a bespoke support group built specifically for Sing For The Trees! 

Sing For The Trees in 2019

In 2019 we hosted Sing For The Trees on International Women's Day and we saw an incredible response from women around the world. Hundreds gathered and entwined their voices, singing their passion for the forests. 

In total there were 72 events hosted in 21 countries! You can see some of the footage from these events in our community created video. 

This year, we hope to have even more events taking place! We are hosting Sing For The Trees on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day as a way to raise funds to plant trees across our tropical reforestation projects. 


Join us on Earth Day 2020
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