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If you ever wanted to give your time and energy to TreeSisters we could use your talents now.



Did you know that TreeSisters has a network of amazing volunteers who help nourish the mission by carrying out essential tasks that expand on what we can offer to our network?

If you ever wanted to give your time and energy to TreeSisters we could use your talents now. We have some exciting opportunities available and would love to have you join us.

TreeSisters is a network lead organisation. Our aim is to reforest the tropics through feminine nature based leadership, shifting humanity from being a consumer and destroyer species into a restorer species. Our vision is vast and pressing; we can only realise it if as a global network working together. Through our member donations we currently plant over 2 million trees a year in the tropics, but we want and need to do more. We can only do this by gathering in the skills, gifts and dedication of our network.

TreeSisters is a registered charity with a small staff team, therefore we are completely reliant on the dedication of volunteers to achieve our goals. As an organisation we are so fortunate to have an amazing team of volunteers who are involved in every aspect of our work. As our work continues to grow, expand and gain momentum, we now need to invite more volunteers into our network to help us make our goals a reality.

We need people to get involved in everything from:

  • Mentoring women to setup local tree planting initiatives
  • Supporting the inner work that women engage in at TreeSisters
  • Behind the scenes roles in admin
  • Setting up funding partnerships with other organisations
  • Research roles looking more deeply at the state of forests across our planet

And lots more!

We are also interested in people who want to offer skills and time in other areas that we haven't listed. If you have other ideas for how you would like to offer your gifts please let us know.

We recognise that giving of your time and skills is the most precious gift that you can offer and at TreeSisters we are committed to making sure that volunteering supports your personal growth and development. We give back to our volunteers through guided meditations, regular opportunities to meet with Clare (our CEO and Founder) and invitations into intimate, supportive groups of women who share the TreeSisters vision and also want to dive deeper into making it a reality.

Below is a list of the volunteer opportunities that we have available, please take a look at the role descriptions and we invite you to fill out the application form below.

Our Volunteer Opportunities



Community Engagement Development Volunteer

Working with Pollyanna to develop community engagement and activities. Please click here for details.

Community Engagement Admin Role

Helping Pollyanna with admin tasks from the welcoming circle and the Nest. This role has been filled, thank you.

Design Volunteers

Working with the Head of Marketing to develop beautiful content for our network. Please click here for details.

Developing Partnership Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers who can help us develop partnerships with aligned businesses.

Please click here for details.

Facebook Moderators

Helping to welcome, converse with and engage people on our thriving facebook page. Please click here for details.

Forest Floor River Tenders

Helping to nurture the Forest Floor group in the TreeSisters Nest (a female only group focusing on the Inner Journey and personal growth). Please click here for more details.

GIS Forest Mapping Volunteer

Using Geographical Information Systems technology to map our tree planting projects. Please click here for details.

Volunteer Grant Writers

Researching and writing grant funding applications to help further TreeSisters charitable aims. Please click here for details.

Nest Moderators

Help to hold the strong but gentle riverbanks/guidelines that hold our growing TreeSisters online community platform - The Nest. Please click here.

Nest River Tenders

Help to model and encourage sisterhood within TreeSisters's online community platform - The Nest, to support women to bring their gifts and take actions on behalf of the planet. Please click here for more details.

Support Desk Volunteers

We need help responding to messages that come into the TreeSisters support desk, and with helping to respond to questions during live calls. Please click here for more details.

Transcribers / Proofreaders

Help to transcribe and proofread staff material, talks and calls from TreeSisters for uses in many ways throughout our network.  This work is steady and we have a backlog we need help with. Please click here for more details.

Tree Planting Data Collation and Website Entry Volunteers

Help to create a database of information to support grass roots, citizen lead reforestation. Please click here for details.

Tree Planting Researchers

Researching local planting initiatives and good practice ideas so that we can create a hub of information and support for local tree planting initiatives. Please click here for details.

Tree Project Reviewers

Reviewing applications from potential tree planting partners in the tropics to ensure that they meet our high standards. Please click here for details.

Twitter Volunteer

Help to relaunch TreeSister's Twitter presence to enable us to reach a bigger audience. Please click here for details.

Welcoming Circle River Tenders

Help to welcome women who are new to TreeSisters into a group where they can experience supportive sisterhood and learn more about what TreeSisters can offer. Please click here for details.

Groves Technical and Admin Support

We are looking for a volunteer to work with our Groves (women's circles) to provide technical and admin support to the monthly Grove calls. This role would also involve supporting our Grove Tender online space in the Nest. Please click here for more details.

Grove Stories Development Volunteer

We are looking for a volunteer to work with our Groves (women's circles) to Collate stories and experiences from our Grove Tenders (The women who facilitate these circles) to feature in blogs and reports so that we can celebrate and share the rich experiences emerging from the TreeSisters' Groves. Please click here for more details.

WaterCarrier Nest Group Assistant

Looking for someone who loves being active in a community group and is either familiar with WaterCarriers or is one. The role would be helping to greet community members who post there, help conversation flow and wants to get others excited about becoming a WaterCarrier. Details to come but you can email Terra at support until then. You would be a part of the Nest Team.


If you would like to apply for any of the volunteer positions listed above, or if you have other ideas for how you would like to offer your gifts to TreeSisters, please complete this google form here:

Please click here to apply.

Thank you to all of our volunteers, you are an incredible gift to TreeSisters and we celebrate you so deeply!