Liberating Our Creative Voice for Earth

Calling All Gifts Forward to Inspire Change

Calling treesisters, WaterCarriers, Nature-based leaders, and conscious creatives of all genre. You are invited to bring your visions, dreams, and vibrancies to our creative fire.  Please join us with the inspiration and creativity that is you.

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"The exchange of love between Earth and people calls forth the creative gifts of both calling for our gifts in return for hers-the reciprocal nature of life and creativity." -  Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer

Imagine Earth is waiting to hear your voice, your music, to be nourished by your words, to be inspired by your vision, moved by your dreams, and healed by your next action.  Imagine tuning into Earth to co-create harmony and well-being. As you liberate your creative voice, the possibilities needed for a flourishing world awaken inside you, and activate the change we are truly here to be. 

As we move into our Autumnal/Spring Equinox, one side of our glorious planet is reaping our harvest, beginning to slow down, release and go inward to rest, create and plan. While on the other side it’s time to explore dreams, seed and manifest what’s new and ready to evolve. Together it’s time to dive into Nature’s creative flow, and join our newest journey running from 18th September to 17th December.

Led by your Creative Doula, Kathleen Brigidina, TreeSisters Artist Liaison and Community Engagement Coordinator, Kathleen will hold heARTspace for your most audacious experimentation, encouraging you to listen to Earth, to trust your instincts, limitless possibility, and potential. To cultivate all the magic being a treesister or treebrother is evolving in each of us through our projects for Earth and trees, while also slowing down to honor our individual creative spirits. 

Art by Kathleen Brigidina

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"In this cauldron of creativity, guided with such wisdom and care by Kathleen Brigidina, I have found kinship with warm and accepting women who are exploring the edges of their emerging expressions, whether they be through song, thread, paint, movement, nature spaces, poetry, or gardening. It is a privilege to share space here." ~ Jennifer Comeau, USA

In this season's journey, you will receive:

~ 4 two-hour interactive live Zoom calls (recordings will be available afterwards)

~ 3-months of access to our private LOcVE group in TreeSisters online community -the Nest (not on Facebook). This is where the real journey will take root with a community of creatives joining, together to integrate, explore, inspire, and collaborate. 

~ Guidance, support, encouragement, and mentorship from Kathleen your creative doula 

~ Weekly inspirations including: Tree Love, Nature connection & sensorial experiences, creative and eco-art practices, meditations, recordings, journal prompts, and more. 

The invitation...

Together we will Liberate our Creative Voice by engaging in practices that reconnect us to Nature our natural muse, and benefit our overall well-being, by fully expressing our emotions, our truth, and inspiring new possibilities. This is an opportunity to dive deeper into our teeming well of creativity, to nurture the seeds of your ideas and intentions into fruition, to share your dreams and visions of a new world with art and projects that inspire change, speak truth, celebrate diversity, and grow a creative forest of trees. 

In the spirit of reciprocity, attendance requires a contribution to support TreeSisters mission of reforesting the tropics. Our suggested contribution is £35 (just over 10 per month), however it’s up to you, please give the amount that is comfortable for you.

Registration for this journey will close on 25th September, so make sure you sign up before the doors close and invite your friends!

Please join us with the inspiration and creativity that is you.

Art by Kathleen Brigidina

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"Regarding our evolution, the artist must first create the vision that we all will step into."  – Barbara Marx Hubbard


“It has been an experience of profound connection, broadening of horizons & inspiration thanks to Kathleen's ability to create a safe space and be responsive to the needs of all taking part, wherever in the world they are based.  The zoom gatherings, group discussions & sharing have helped me trust in my creative self and be the person I am called to be” ~ Judith Pollack, UK


More about our Opening Call and other zoom calls

During our opening Zoom call, Kathleen will lead us into a creative ceremony for the Equinox as we begin a new creative journal to honor and hold your inspirations. This will lead into a guided forest visualisation to deepen your relationship with your muse and awaken ever more of your creative potential. We will have interactive break-out groups where you can meet and share with many other conscious creatives. You will also have access to the recording afterwards. 

Important Details: 

~ Our group will be closed and private. We will be accepting new registrants until 25th September to hold space for late comers, but after that no one will be able to join until the following 3-month Winter/Summer season opens for registration and begins on 18th December. 

~ Our journey will begin on 18th September and you will have group access until 17th December. 

~ Cancelation and refunds are allowed up to one week after the join date and not beyond. You can do this by contacting


"Creativity is our most potent natural life-force alongside love." ~ Kathleen Brigidina

About Kathleen... 

TreeSisters Artist Liaison and Community Engagement Coordinator

Kathleen studied Fine Art at SAIC, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, yet her creative journey has always been guided by her love for Earth and listening to Gaia, her muse. This Earth Art and Heart led journey has guided her to find beloved work at TreeSisters. Along with her personal work, as an Eco-Artist, Illustrator, Creative Doula/Mentor/Teacher, Energy Healing Practitioner & Facilitator, she also recently co-founded SisterArt ~ Conscious Creatives, a platform that supports all variety of artistic genre to grow trees and inspire change. 

Kathleen is grateful to have worked closely with Barbara Marx Hubbard as the creative Guide for the Conscious Evolution and hopes to carry-on her legacy. Inspired by visions she felt came from Earth, Kathleen was founding-coordinator of numerous sustainability events and college courses across Chicagoland. To learn and adapt a more Earth-friendly way of living for herself, Kathleen was drawn into sustainable home and garden design, during which time she was invited by The Conservation Foundation to design the first eco-friendly garden at Chicago’s Navy Pier Garden Show in 2010. Kathleen believes that honoring our interbeingness and nurturing co-creative &  mutually supportive collaborations is key for us to create a new and better world full of love and well-being for all.