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New Moon Gatherings

All this year during the dark moon of each month, we offer our Gathering in Circle series.



One of the core reasons for being a treesister is to support the rebalancing of the feminine back into her rightful place alongside the masculine. This principle is central to all of our offerings, through our invitations into feminine Nature-based leadership, our Inner Journey teachings and our practice of Sistering

In this months Dark Moon call we will be exploring what we might mean for each of us to turn towards an internal re-balancing of the feminine, how might that show up directly in our experience, what might be the personal gifts to ourselves in moving towards an equilibrium of these energies?

We will as ever, come together intentionally through a simple meditation, and then move gently into a nourishing and simple enquiry together of the two sides of our inner experience, bringing our awareness towards their capacity to work in union.

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Hosted by Abi Denyer-Bewick and Jenny Rose Smith from TreeSisters Groves, Gathering in Circle will offer gentle but fertile online calls that, lean into the New Moon wisdom on how to seed fresh possibilities for Sisterhood Circles.

We know we are stronger together and that going it alone is no longer an option, because the risk of overwhelm and burnout in the face of what we are dealing with on earth is too high.

In these times where coming together for what is truly important is all that matters; well created and well-held circles offer an enduring, resilient and regenerative pathway to becoming the life restorers that we long to be.

Our monthly New Moon calls invite you to be held in circle, to feel the support of the global sisterhood, to tune into the wisdom of the Moon and Forest, to dream into what wants to be birthed through us. 


~Artwork: Belonging by Kathleen Brigidina

k  birthed through us

Library of Past New Moon Calls


"I feel beautifully reminded of the strength and support all around me...just waiting to be called on and welcomed in".

- Ceinwen , Cape Town

"Thank you Jenny for a beautiful sistering on the Groves New Moon call. I felt the interconnection of myself with the natural world and my responsibility in regards to my species actions towards it".

- Stephanie, Dorset, UK


"My longing for a grove has awakened! I realise through this call how much masculinity in the structures when we meet! So lovely to get this inspiration for creating a space for the feminine to grow and show itself!"

- Anne-Britt, Norway


"Listened to Jenny Smith's call tonight. So glad I did! Very nurturing and inspirational! I would love to start a Grove here and this was my first time joining these calls. I am looking forward to joining these calls again. perhaps I will have begun my grove over there by then! Perhaps we will have had a gathering!!" 

- Kat, UK