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Emma Juniper

Emma Juniper


Emma Juniper is deeply honored to contribute to TreeSisters, an amazing organization aligned with her personal mission for humanity's awakened relating to this earth. She is a global visionary, eco-social entrepreneur, women's empowerment mentor, and life-long nature lover.

From her passionate love of nature, a childhood focused on sustainability activism, and her university studies (International Sustainable Development through Government and Business) she learned to be strategic in affecting systemic paradigm change within the context of our socio-economic environment. She co-founded her University's Sustainability Initiative, researched CDM in Brazil, spoke in Vietnam at the APRSCP, and represented the world's youth at the United Nations Commissions on Sustainable Development (UNCSD in New York) for four years.

In her early 20s she recognized that environmental disharmony was a result of disharmony within each individual; the destructive behaviors were from personal trauma, lack of self-worth, connection, and love. She shifted her focus to learning and then teaching the art of healing, connection, confidence, and cultivating a strong caring heart as a way to activate each person's natural desire to create a peaceful sustainable world.

This initiated the last 10 years' focus on women's empowerment where she has shared her teachings on emotional mastery and sacred sisterhood through private coaching, destination retreats, womens circles, and group leadership programs. During that time she also managed international remote teams for global campaigns and events while running multiple product and service businesses.

January 2016 she co-founded the Global Sisterhood movement activating thousands of women around the world to gather in sister circles every new moon; transforming themselves and transforming the world. She was co-director for 1.5 years growing the movement to tens of thousands of women worldwide and is now on the advisory board.

Emma supports visionary leaders in transforming stress, drama, and overwhelm into passionate living, authentic confidence, and emotional thriving. She has traveled to over 40 countries, speaks multiple languages, and is currently developing new projects from her homebase in Tokyo.