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María Inés Miranda

María Inés Miranda


During my career as a forester and entrepreneur I have carried out almost all the different activities that are relevant to FSC including environmental, social (including gender and indigenous peoples) and economic aspects. I have worked with all scales of organization ranging from mega-corporations to smallholders.

I have been working towards sustainable development for more than 20 years. I am interested in social innovation, creative processes integrating art and design to improve the world and its inequalities, respecting the rights of people and the environment. I am a founding partner of SSC-AMERICAS, Viteca and Fair Wood Connection, the first sawmill operating with an inclusive business model, using the market force as a tool to maintain the native forests and alleviate the poverty.

More recently, through WISE WOMEN CHILE venture, we address gender inequality in the forestry sector through the development of strategies and practices of equity and reconciliation within the organizations. In addition, through the WISE Women Network, we have developed the SISTERHOOD program, which seeks to connect rural and urban women leaders so that, through an accompanying process, they can find a solution to a specific problem at the local level, thus generating a bank of "Innovations of women to combat climate change”.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariainesmiranda/