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Chris Monk

The business is called the Cardboard Coffin Company. As the name heavily implies, the business sells cardboard coffins directly to the public (as opposed to the more traditional way of through a funeral director). A cardboard coffin is, of course, a product made from trees (although it does contain recycled material). Bamboo and wicker coffins are also offered as well as acorn shaped cardboard urns.
Business Services

Lori Wallace

Job Hivery is a job board that nurtures connection. I am bringing the feminine principle to a traditionally automated and cold system that tragically sucks the joy right out of people's lives when they are most vulnerable (in search of a job). My hope is to reclaim this meeting place and infuse it with nurturance, support and loving care. Our first job hive will be devoted to Pharmacy in California. If there is a positive response to the offering, we plan to extend into other niche areas within healthcare.
Business Services

Elizabeth Soltis

Elizabeth Soltis is the founder and director of Bridges Global, a social enterprise that supports leaders and teams to do and be their best. She waters the seeds of empowered leadership within all. As a possibility thinker and change-maker, Elizabeth is passionate about the art of healthy relationship-building, with self, others and the earth. Breaking walls and building bridges lies at the heart of this effort. Her purpose is fostering inner growth and outer service so as to catalyze positive transformation and community building.
Business Services

Kate Evans

Graduate Planet CIC is the UK's first social enterprise recruitment agency with a clear social & environmental mission, reinvesting it's profit into combating climate change through tree and conservation planting, environmental education to children and adults and renewable energy facilitation. We reinvest the placement fees into environmental sustainability projects in our clients local area, this helps to create an awareness of climate change and offers businesses the opportunity to get involved in solving these issues. Our projects include tree planting, the creation of green spaces, energy efficiency workshops in schools and fuel poverty areas, the insulation of community buildings, the support of recycling initiatives and we teach children aged 5 - 18 about climate change, renewable energy innovations and potential environmental career opportunities.
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