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Pauline McPherson

Lifelong Yarns: Lifelong Yarns creates luxury yarn from the fleece of the Scottish Blackface sheep. This is the most common sheep in the UK and yet its fleece has been overlooked as a fibre for clothing ourselves. Instead it generates little value on the open market. Shepherds make a loss on every fleece shorn and instead must raise all their income from selling sheep for meat. Lifelong Yarns proves that the fleece of the Scottish Blackface makes wonderful yarn, which can be used to create warm, long-lasting garments. These can replace the plastic-based synthetic fleece garments which are ubiquitous in our society and whose plastic particles are now known to pollute our seas and land. We pay farmers 10x the market rate for their fleece, our logo is 'Good for the knitter, good for the shepherd, good for the Earth.'
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