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Jennifer Costa

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Jen's herbal journey began with Pam Montgomery in the early 1990s which evolved into a community apothecary and teaching center with her husband, Jay, for 15 years while raising 3 robust sons. She studied with many other herbalists too, including Dr. Tieraona LowDog, Rocio Alarcon, and Rosemary Gladstar. She entered nursing school to deepen her understanding of the body and modern medicine, and to learn more of how the body organizes it's energy for healing. Jen is currently a critical care nurse from the ICU, ER and OR for 10 years. Three years ago the medicine plants came calling again to serve in a new way. While always an herbalist first and deeply rooted in Druid, Celtic, and Native American folkways, she now walks in two worlds as a bridge between the plants, the people, and the Earth for healing.

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