Water Carriers

Leonie Boers

Leonie Boers

We offer workshops for women, to get back in contact with the mirror of nature within themselves. We would like to guide and help woman to listen to their inner nature again. To get in touch with the seasons around them and within. Feel more at ease with being a woman. We offer 2 different workshops/ courses and we have created a mandala which we use in our workshops and we are thinking of turning it into a thing woman can buy so they can do it at their on time at home.

How did your business come into being?

We have been hosting women circles for years together and noticed that within our group, that attends our circles, there is a need for more knowledge about being a woman. That women of today have lost touch with nature due to everything around. Because of that we created a training, consisting of 8 different workshops.


Why is giving to TreeSisters important to you?

We find it important to give back. Make people aware that we need to protect our mother earth and look after her. We picked TreeSisters because we find it important to empower women because that is what we try to do with our workshops as well. Because we are already a TreeSister with our full moon group we knew of the work you do. We find it so inspiring that we woud like to contribute our part by becoming a WaterCarrier.