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Everyone has a role to play in the restoration of our planet

Are you ready to take significant action on behalf of the global forest?

At TreeSisters we are working to harness our collective energy as a powerful catalyst for change because we know we can achieve so much more together than we can apart. 

We also know that each of us has something unique to offer and that only by embracing our diversity will we create the radical solutions to the planetary destruction and climate emergency we currently face. The question is, what is the role that you are uniquely positioned to take? How could your reach, resources and creativity be used most effectively? How could the choice to embed trees into your organisation, further deepen or amplify your impact?

As a grassroots organisation, we look for partnerships that provide reach and impact. We provide you and your network or customer base with a direct pathway to trees planted. We offer you a fully vetted portfolio of exemplary tree planting projects whilst simultaneously helping each person to recognise their own capacity to take action and become part of the solution. 

Why partner with TreeSisters?

We are so much more than funding trees. TreeSisters combines four of today’s big ticket issues: gender, climate, behaviour change, and ecological restoration through large-scale tropical reforestation. We are unique in our grass roots, ethical and holistic approach, our call to include and involve everyone, and our focus on a wider cultural shift that embeds restoration into everything. Partnering with us aligns you with that mission.

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Business Partnerships

Embed ecological restoration into every financial and creative transaction.

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Reforestation Partners

We will announce when we are open to new projects around this year's end. You may opt in to be notified when this happens. Thank you for your patience.

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Network Partnerships

Co-creating the new narrative of the Age of Restoration. Coming Soon!

What we are and what we are not:

  • TreeSisters is an invitation to become a solution to climate change. We are here to help you achieve the greatest social and ecological impact possible by bringing trees into the heart of your business.
  • We are not a carbon offsetting company, and our projects do not offer carbon certificates, although we will plant for those that are offsetting. For more information, read our blog here.
  • We are not sustainability consultants, although we encourage you to take the inspirational and responsible journey towards a low impact business with sound values and embedded restoration.
  • We support women and call them into leadership, but we are not exclusive in either our planting or our campaigning - our work is for everyone, all genders are welcome here.
  • We are guided by a Funding and Business Partnership Policy which has zero tolerance for greenwash and destructive forest activities.